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Ariel Winter as Sadie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by XM1973 7 / 10

Not as bad as it's made out to be

This one's not half as bad as most of the reviews here make it out to be. The film makers aren't pretending to make a classic or even competing for the Oscars. It's a fun film that you will either like or not like. It doesn't take itself seriously. How can a movie that has Ashton Kutcher playing a trained killer working for "some" government agency. Ashton plays it a little campy, almost like a comic book character and that works, Katherine Heigl is her usual self. It's always good to see a beautiful Hollywood actress not looking like skin and bones. Tom Selleck plays Heigl's dad, a slightly predictable character. While the movie might be very predictable, it has its funny moments and while the pace isn't break neck, it does keep you entertained. Well, it entertained me.

Reviewed by gamergcfan 6 / 10

Takes about 45 minutes to become enjoyable.

The first 45 minutes is a bit boring, but at least the movie got better after that. There was a lack of humour, enjoyment value, and character development for the drama there to be enjoyable. After the uninteresting part, we get treated to action. It's fast-paced and fun but forgettable. There are some mildly amusing jokes and funny action parts here, but nothing too memorable.

The first 45 minutes are almost a waste of time, but after that, it's action that is enjoyable. When compared to Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Knight & Day, the movie contains less action (the action is slightly less enjoyable and more forgettable) and more drama (which is less interesting when compared to the other movies mentioned).

+ Some interesting action

  • Draggy first 45 minutes

  • Nothing that funny at all

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 8 / 10

two ways to review a film

Have said this before but it is worth repeating.

You can opt to review a film when it comes out. Everything is fresh and new. The film has to compete not with posterity, not with the future, but simply with the other films of its release date.

Or, to make things more complex, you can let a few years go by and check out the film a few times in the interim. Here the film is the same but the goalposts change. The film may or may not get better each time you see it. It is no longer competing with the films of its year but rather with all films of all years.

I chose to use the second method to review Killers and frankly that makes all the difference.

The two stars were at their peak. Neither one is actively playing leads in romcoms at this time. But they looked gorgeous.

The story is cute, the script is cute, the locations are to die for and the direction is friendly.

The film holds up remarkably well and my guess is it will continue to do so for years to come.

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