Kingdom Come


Action / Horror

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Ellie O'Brien as Ceilia Scott
Kirsten Comerford as Sarah Becker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by horrorgasm 1 / 10

Weak, low budget Christian horror.

The actors weren't horrible (except for the main villain, he was pretty awful) and the cinematography is, technically speaking, decent enough for a super low budget film, but if you've seen many horror movies, then you'll figure out the "twist" almost immediately, because we've seen this many times before and done a lot better than this.

The creature makeup isn't the worst I've seen, but it's pretty weak by modern standards. Oddly enough, most of the gore is either obscured or off-camera entirely, yet there is a pretty healthy dose of nudity and plenty of rape scenes and implied pedophilia.

As it stands, it's a mediocre and highly derivative movie, without a memorable scene to its name, but what really makes it a stinker are the unpleasant religious undertones. Personally, I can't ignore the fact that this movie suggests that not only are pedophiles and serial rapists/killers able to be redeemed by simply repenting at the last minute, but that they're also on equal moral ground with people who have had abortions. It's a disgusting message and I can't stand for it.

Reviewed by glennspillman 7 / 10

Pretty well done.

When the movie first opens up, you have the feeling that this is going to be an updated modern version of Saw. But, you soon get the idea that it may also just be another cheesy horror flick when people are stuck in a maze full of trickery. I did like the few twists that it had in it. Although, there were several racial clichés, and horror movie clichés in it.

But, once you get about 3/4 the way through the film, the pieces start to come together. However, there is one actor in particular that you don't really know what happened to them, and what their fate might have been within the "other" world. I liked the story line once it was revealed, but I didn't agree with how the film ended. It really didn't make to much sense at all, and could have easily of gone a different direction.

I do recommend this movie, and also suggest that you pay close attention to the story line. The one thing that I absolutely hated was the makeup FX in the film. It was weak and childish, and could have been much better.

Reviewed by Nigel P 8 / 10

Is this Hell?

At first I wasn't expecting much from this film. It seemed initially to be a clone of the 'Saw' films, but it proved to become much more than that. A group of ably acted, abrasive characters wake up in an abandoned building with no memory of how they got there.

As the films rolls on, we become aware that they all have grim stories to tell; their flaws are many and it appears they may even have ended up in Hell – especially as one of their number Daniel (Jason Martorino) is revealed as major villain with an assortment of partially successful demons (thankfully untouched by CGI). Having cast the cultured-sounding Martorino, I question the wisdom of then giving him lines like 'just kill the mother-f***** already' which sound unconvincing.

And yet his performance is otherwise very good – and so is that of the little girl Ceilia (Ellie O'Brien) who manages a potent performance even when given some punishing lines. A very enjoyable film.

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