The Giant Pear



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by m_winship 9 / 10

Elephants and cats oh my! And giant pears too?

Straight out of Denmark, and enchanting tale if intrigue and adventure, all starting with a message in a bottle. How fun is this Alfred, (my dear nephew) Natascha Mortensen and Elizabeth Mary Mortensen. This tale starts off a bit juvenile and immature, but I think that is due to translation dubs. If you'll give it five minutes, you'll be as enthralled as I and love this tale too. A young boy, anthropomorphically portrayed as a yellow cat with his anthropomorphically shown grey elephant portrayed as his buddy. As the story progresses the adventure begins! Enjoy and as always, put on your life preserver when riding a boat with the guys! Cheers, Murf

Reviewed by twgg 10 / 10

Great for little ones with a simple story and nothing scary

Most movies even Disney have scenes/characters that would be too scary for my kids (4/7).

This movie was perfect for them, had a simple story, funny, and nothing was too scary. Bonus that it was just over an hr long so they actually watched to the end.

Reviewed by mikexom 1 / 10

The Danish word for crap must be Pear

Complete waste of time. Really bad animation, terrible plot, and really bad voices and acting make this a really big waste of money and time. You are better served watching middle school film festivals than this amateurish and boring film. I can't stress how bad this is. Worse than "The Room". My 6 year old who watches Disney Collector asked if we could leave halfway through.

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