L.A. Slasher


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 705


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Dave Bautista as The Drug Dealer #1
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Danny Trejo as The Drug Dealer #2
Eric Roberts as The Mayor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

Undeadly abduction

Yet another film with a semi-decent idea marred by shockingly awful execution. Understood what 'Abducted' (aka. 'L.A. Slasher') was trying to do, for me it just didn't work and is as bad as the rating and previous negative reviewer says it is (not everybody will agree and that's fine).

Got that 'Abducted' was aiming to show how badly people act in reality shows (and there is a lot of truth to that) and how annoying they can be (again true, every reality show has at least one detestable contestant, often for controversy reasons). For me, 'Abducted' took it way too far. Am not sure whether it was the intent to have the victims so obnoxious that you are rooting for their deaths or at least to the extent it takes it, but not in a while have a whole cast of characters in any film seen recently been this terribly written or hateable.

Just as bad is that 'Abducted' completely fails to make one root for the villain, which one would kind of expect when you hate the victims so much. One with quite good potential, but he manages to be one of the most annoying and least sinister villains in the whole of psychoville. Andy Dick was just completely wrong for the role and that one is laughing in embarrassment rather than getting chills at his acting is not a good.

Eric Roberts is wooden and looks uninterested, while Misha Barton looks as though she had just escaped from a drugs rehabilitation centre (apologies if anybody finds this distasteful, just my thoughts while watching). Dave Bautista and Danny Trejo are completely wasted with very little to do, and the rest of the cast have even less other than act as obnoxious as possible.

'Abducted' looks terrible. And not just in spurts, we are talking about second one right up to the ridiculous finish. Everything just looks so chaotic and like a visual eyesore. In terms of audio, it adds absolutely nothing and often at odds with what little atmosphere there is.

The very few times it's coherent, the script is completely unnatural and the amount of cheese, illogic and dumbness borders on unbearable. The film is very sluggishly paced, the direction even more so and the story execution is a disaster all on its own. Even more incomprehensible than the script, it is choppy, dull, ridiculous and with no tension or suspense whatsoever. Even when giving 'Abducted' a fair chance, staying awake is a chore and the want to bail becomes stronger and stronger as the film wears on.

All in all, terrible in every way. 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bob_meg 1 / 10

It's utter ineptitude is both stunning and disturbing

The promotional blurb for "LA Slasher" calls it a "biting, social satire of reality TV and the glorification of those who are famous for being famous."

Unfortunately this film is so poorly made, acted, cut, and designed as to render it a complete waste of time. It's such a train wreck, you can't possibly even decipher what's happening on screen for its 90 minute runtime, which seems like five hours, at least.

There is no real story. Basically an anonymous white-suited masked psycho (voiced by Andy Dick, no less, which doesn't exactly raise the credibility factor) targets and then systematically slaughters airhead Twitter-made celebrities. Not in itself a worthless concept. If "LA Slasher" were made with even borderline competence it could be a poisonously fun black comedy.

The real problem here lies in the script, which is incoherent. A good first third of the film is spent introducing a slew of forgettable, woodenly-acted victims, but no story arc really exists. When they're killed, there's no pay off since you don't care about them. And Dick's slasher is either sniggeringly annoying (and unfunny) or downright vile ("Die you f**kin bitch" and variations thereof are his and the screenwriters idea of witty repartee).

Let's talk about the technical aspects for a moment. Even the opening credits are so badly created that they are almost out of frame in the HD cut I watched. Some of the set designs range from dirty warehouse to scummy hotel room to someone's living room. Even the Heiress and the Socialite live in places that are so badly dressed they look as if they were shot in the back of an abandoned flea market storage warehouse. Mischa Barton is one of many actors who stand around looking vaguely comatose, not knowing their lines or not caring to know them.

All of this amounts to a very depressing, pointless pile of garbage that's ultimately as empty and spiritless as the "problems" the movie's title antagonist sets out to "solve." At one point there was a "detective" (see the credits here on IMDb) so it seems a dramatic arc of some sort was written and even filmed, but apparently this film's aim is to appear as dumb as the targets it poorly lampoons. The best thing for "LA Slasher" to do is off itself. So many people will thank it.

Reviewed by Sheila Amanda Voorhees 7 / 10

Downrated by the wannabes

I believe the only way this movie got a rating that low is because of it hitting a nerve. In fact, everything about this movie is beautiful, especially the 80 - early 90-s stylized score. Well. of course, it's not a cinema Hall of Fame masterpiece, but it certainly doesn't deserve a score that low. The acting is bad - so bad to show how actually bad is the acting in modern shows and movies. Misha Barton fits perfectly, since she doesn't even know how to act. The rest of the characters - you want them to die from the moment they appear on the screen, that's the general thing about slashers. You might deny it, but you all know you want it - you would love to watch a whole Kardashian family slaughtered. Because that's the only thing they're good for.

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