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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johannesqq 1 / 10

Please, don't waste your time. Boring and graphic at the same time

This is my first review on IMDb, I have been using this site for lurking since 2003 and never thought I would write a review. That was after seeing this movie and this review is only a warning.

So, this movie is awful. I don't mean awful in a good way. You can't even watch it ironically. Remember those straight to tv movies the used to show at three in the morning? This movie makes those movies feel like Bergman.

The sound is bad. The acting is dull. The story is boring and they try to spice it up with a graphic rape scene. They introduce things at one point and then just drop it for no reason. Like the moped crashing, what was the point? It's just a collection of Danes partying.

Please, like everyone says: Stay away.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 3 / 10

A boring, tedious piece of feminist-sploitation. Really, this was lame....

I was looking though a list of the best foreign horror films of 2018. You had the typical fare, movies about demons and hauntings, and then I came across the description for this movie. I went in without seeing the trailer and I prepared myself for a really disturbing film.

Then I waited.

and waited.

And waited.

Nothing happened for 50 some-odd minutes. Seriously, some domestic violence, a young "sugar baby" taking advantage of her daddy, unattractive pale, tan-less people being obnoxious and rude. It was like watching an European family movie. Just tedious, boring stuff. But at that 50 minute mark, you get a full on porn-style sex scene that lasts maybe 3 minutes, but it's unsimulated and really not that shocking, considering hwo easy it is for anyone to access porn these days. Anyone who has watched a porno movie in the last, oh I don't know, 30 YEARS has seen a scene like that in some way, shape or form. The sad part is that a woman would debase herself in such a way to not have to work a day in her life says a lot more about her than it would ever say about him.

We get more boring, obnoxious people, and some more domestic violence for about another 20 minutes.

Then finale has a scene that genuinely shocked me, and the movie was over.

So, here's what you get with this "movie";

First 50 minutes- Boring, trite and tedious. Really, everyone is insufferable.

Minute 50 - minute 55- "Shocking" rape scene that is just a truncated porn scene

1 hour- 1 hour, Ten minutes- "Shocking" scene

The end.

It's just not worth it, folks. It really isn't. It doesn't work as a piece of "female empowerment", it doesn't work as a piece of entertainment, and it certainly doesn't work as anything other than what it is; a lame attaempt to shock audiences in the #metoo era. Avoid this movie and let's never speak of it again. Truly awful and repugnant, but not for the reasons you have been told it is.

Reviewed by mcgilacudyyahootie 2 / 10

Tedious waste of my time and the Producer/Directors efforts

I kept waiting for something ANYTHING interesting to happen in this slow walking piece of cinematic dreck. Alas Nothing. Oh wait the heroine gets slapped three times! Not nearly enough for participating in this god awful mess of a film. Someone needs to shred everyones SAG card involved in this. Please don't waste your time here - I only wish I could have mine back. Life is far too short

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