Lady in a Cage


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 2856

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James Caan as Randall Simpson O'Connell
Olivia de Havilland as Mrs. Cornelia Hilyard
Scatman Crothers as Junkyard Proprietor's Assistant
Jeff Corey as George L. Brady Jr. aka Repent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ags123 9 / 10

Sharply observed details elevate this lurid shocker.

"Lady In A Cage" was far ahead of its time. Compared to the rest of the lurid shockers produced in the early 1960s featuring aging Hollywood stars (including de Havilland's other 1964 appearance in "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte") this film, along with "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" transcended the genre. But while "Baby Jane" had a lot to say about the price of fame, "Lady In A Cage" rightly predicted the impending chaos of a rapidly changing society.

Nothing about the basic premise (a middle-aged woman trapped in her house is terrorized by vagrants and thugs) suggests a deep sociological study. What elevates the ensuing events are the sharply observed details: the neighborhood in transition, the alienated masses isolated by endless traffic, the hoodlums' utter lack of conscience, and most of all, de Havilland's expert performance as the lone representative of the civilized world. Her undoing serves as a cautionary tale for a society on the brink. de Havilland makes this otherwise unsavory film exceedingly watchable. As her secrets are uncovered, she finds herself culpable as well. Everyone is caught in the inexorable downward spiral.

Despite the heavy themes, the film is highly accessible, even fun, if you take a jaundiced view. Not quite as campy as "Baby Jane" perhaps, but on some level, just as iconic. It's a film that stands up well to repeated viewings. Great graphic title sequence, modern music, sharp- focus black and white photography. Overall, fine work by everyone involved.

Reviewed by Aussie Stud 10 / 10

Olivia De Havilland shines in a gutsy role!

In this rarely-seen gem, Olivia De Havilland treads in the new-found territory of the 60's horror/thriller film movement that had been started by fellow predominant actresses of the 1940's such as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Bette and Joan of course were well known their much-publicized stint in "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?". Joan went on to star in further classics such as "BERSERK" and "STRAIT-JACKET". Davis opted to choose more classier roles in films such as "THE NANNY" and "DEAD RINGER". Both Davis and De Havilland starred together in "HUSH HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE" which was coincidentally released the same year as "LADY IN A CAGE".

Why these talented Oscar-winning actresses chose to start this genre of now known 'camp-classics' will never be fully understood.

In this strange film, De Havilland plays a wealthy widow residing in a mansion in Los Angeles. She has a problem with her legs so an elevator has been installed by the staircase as an alternative for her traveling between floors.

She also lives with her son, now a young man. She is hell-bent on having him marry a pretty young lady as all mothers wish for their sons, but her son is different. There are suggested tones in the film that he is perhaps gay, but he leaves the film at an early stage and we are only given this hint later on when she finds a suicide note left by him.

When her son leaves the home, De Havilland finds herself trapped inside the elevator after an electrical circuit blows, leaving her suspended between the two floors, hence the title of the movie, "LADY IN A CAGE".

In another strange casting role, Ann Sothern plays a cat burglar who chooses to burgle De Havilland's home. Upon discovering her trapped in the elevator, she lets the word out to fellow crooks, including James Caan in his first film role. He and two other bandits decide to rob the mansion. And this is when the film gets rather ugly.

Released at such a 'restricted' time in the 60's for films with violent under-tones, this movie was originally banned in my home country of Australia. It was not until the 70's when it was actually released there, and after watching this movie, you can see why. There are definite early tones of "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" in this movie.

Without giving too much away, several scenes depict graphic violence including a gouged eye socket, Ann Sothern getting peppered with bullets and extreme themes of brutality and misogyny as De Havilland is taunted and shamed in her stage of entrapment.

Sensing her terror and frustration as De Havilland can do nothing but watch as she is held imprisoned by her tormenters, you can't help but think of Joan Crawford's portrayal of this same character in "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?" Both actresses play the role superbly.

Filmed entirely in black and white, this will certainly leave a bad taste in your mouth afterwards. While this movie shouldn't be written off as being 'in bad taste and disgusting', it does achieve it's intended goal: a great deal of SUSPENSE. You will find yourself gazing at the ringing telephone as De Havilland tries her best attempts to answer it. You will find yourself sweating bullets as De Havilland drags her own body across the floor as she claws her way to freedom.

And yes, you will wonder what influenced the woman who once played Melanie in "GONE WITH THE WIND" to star in a film like this.

Overall, Olivia De Havilland gets my thumbs up for starring in this ground-breaking and generally misunderstood classic. The opening credits/title sequence is a real winner too.


Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Tense, Unpleasant, Claustrophobic, Sadistic and Scary Urban Tale

In a hot summer holiday, the incapacitated Mrs. Cornelia Hilyard (Olivia de Havilland), who broke the hip a few months ago, gets trapped alone in her private elevator in her huge house during an electricity failure. An old wino beggar is attracted by the alarm in the alley and decides to robber the house helped by Sade (Ann Sothern), a fat hustler. Meanwhile, a dangerous gang of punks leaded by Randall (James Caan) invades the house and decides to eliminate all the witness after the robbery.

I have never heard any reference about "Lady in a Cage", but I decided to buy the just-released DVD and I do not regret. I found a tense, unpleasant, claustrophobic, sadistic and scary urban tale, with outstanding and impressive performance of James Caan. The story shows the lack of attention and sympathy of the urban populations, the violence of criminals against their victims and it is very ahead of time for a 1964 movie. I recalled the also claustrophobic and excellent 1955 "The Desperate Hours", but "Lady in a Cage" is more realistic, frightening and brutal, and has not aged. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Dama Enjaulada" ("The Lady Caged")

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