Dead Men


Action / Western

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Anthony De Longis as Anson Cardena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hifrmny 3 / 10

3 Hours of Confusion and Boredom

I have never written a movie review before but this one just demanded one, perhaps to save some other souls from spoiling their evening. I had so looked forward to watching a 3 hour western because I really enjoy westerns. Fifteen minutes into the movie, my husband and I turned and looked at each other and both made a disparaging remark on the movie. My husband finally fell asleep and I forced myself to watch the entire thing. I kept hoping it would get better but it never did. This movie plays like it was produced and directed by a 10 year old. Sure does, right down to the part where the two men spit in their hands then shake on something. The movie is all over the place, no clear direction. Near the beginning, my husband states, "What just happened?" It was as if a scene was added to the movie that absolutely did not belong. The dialog was really very bad. The movie does not give endings to the main situations within it so if you watch it all in hopes of learning what will happen to certain people or of certain events, you will be sadly disappointed. This movie deserves a rating of 1 but I gave it a 3, only because you could see how hard the cast was trying and for the beautiful horses.

Reviewed by simonekaye 10 / 10

Great independent western with a lot of heart

At the end of the day, this is an independent film, not a big budget star fest. So I don't know what all the harsh criticism is about, but I reckon the one star reviews are from disgruntled crew members, or actors who got rejected, because their comments are utterly unfair, somewhat bitter and quite frankly don't have a lot of substance. I mean who gives a monkeys about whether the guns are 100% authentically period or not, umm... no one gives two hoots about that and most westerns like the recent (highly enjoyable) Magnificent Seven are not remotely authentic! All you need to know is that the acting is solid, the story is gripping and the cinematography is awesome for a low budget, that's what matters. Trust me, I've seen (and been involved in) my fair share of low budget rubbish movies and this one does not deserve to be brandished with that iron. Sure it has its flaws, and without giving away any spoilers, there are some editing issues and a few elements that can be confusing, but no more than many big budget movies I could name (Troy anyone). Look at the end of the day you decide, but don't let what these haters say stop you from watching this action packed western, and if you're a fan of this genre like me, then I'm sure you'll at least love the locations, horses and fight scenes... plus there's an epic stunt at the end which I have never seen performed before and it left me breathless. I just wish I'd been on set to watch it for real, because it was performed by the actors themselves and not an expensive team of stunt men. I for one hope that there's a sequel and I give it a well deserved 10 star for effort, because to make a low budget western of this magnitude takes guts.

Reviewed by bcgoff 1 / 10

Incredible(y) stupid

A 3 hour conglomeration of every single poor western cliche ever portrayed in previous B flicks. Even use kids plastic poker chips lmao...soooo bad

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