Last American Horror Show


Comedy / Horror

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Robert Allen Mukes as The Butcher
Felissa Rose as Angelina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dinesh08 1 / 10

The worst movie ever

Everything is horrible in this movie. Very predictable stories, very poor acting . Don't watch this

Reviewed by walktrex 9 / 10

Four horror tales, a who's who of veteran horror film actors

Three short horror tales, plus a bonus story that wraps the three together. Home Wrecked and Lamb Feed are true horror films. Night of the Sea Monkey: A Disturbing Tale also has comic elements and stars Lynn Lowry who is OVER THE TOP with an incredible acting performance. All of the episodes have horror genre favorites in them. An amazing assemblage of talent. In all, a real treat for horror fans. Contains mature content.

Reviewed by sahlgoode 7 / 10

Arch Hall Jr.

When I saw Arch Hall Jr. in the credits, I just had to watch this. If you're not familiar with his work, you're not alone. He's only done a handful of movies, and most of them were in the 60's. I've Wild Guitar, and The Sadist in my collection, and I'm happy to add Lamb Feed to this one. Out of the 3 vignettes, it was by far the best of the.

Don't take it too seriously, and you'll enjoy it more.


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