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Elle Fanning as Félicie Milliner
Nat Wolff as Victor
Dane DeHaan as Victor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

functional animation, functional story, functional characters

It's late 19th century. Felicie (Elle Fanning) and Victor (Dane DeHaan) are best friends at an orphanage. She dreams of dancing and he helps her escape to Paris. She finds her way to the National Academy of Music and is taken in by crippled caretaker Odette (Carly Rae Jepsen). Cruel Regine runs the ballet school and Camille (Maddie Ziegler) is a snooty aggressive little girl trying to be a ballerina. Felicie steals Camille's invitation to Mérante's class who is picking the new Clara in The Nutcracker. Victor tells her that he's working for Eiffel who is busy building his tower and the Statue of Liberty.

The animation is functional. This Canadian-French production is equivalent to Illumination Entertainment level. It's fine but not anything ground breaking. The characters are fine. There are the plucky kids against great odds and villains and other archetypes. The story is also fine but a few changes would have helped. Felicie stealing the letter is probably the main mistake. It puts her on the wrong side and lets Camille off the hook. Camille should be bullying the other girls to force them out. Felicie can still learn from Odette and Mérante can simply invite her into the class after the tavern dance. The plot can arrive at the same place without compromising Felicie. It's also off when she sleeps through her audition putting her at fault once again. The dance off is actually quite exhilarating but the climaxing gets a second unnecessary trip around. A Hollywood studio would make everybody an animal and this would probably sell a lot better. Sing is not much better and it made over $600 million. Non-Hollywood doesn't have the formula yet. They don't know how to market and make a modern family-oriented animated movie.

Reviewed by dothraqi 10 / 10

Everything you want from animated film in this genre

Well this film has everything that you want an animated film in this genre to have. It seemed perfect to me, the music the dancing, the energy, the passion, the story and every other thing. If you ask me I had say I loved it and it was worth every second, this one is a must watch! 10/10.

Reviewed by Violetta Egorova 10 / 10

It brought me real emotions.

I was skeptical when I saw the many low reviews, but I gave it a go and although it did have some awkward parts where the jokes didn't quite make you laugh, it made me cry at the end of it all, especially after the battle scene. The story is really nice and has more than one lesson, like its not just about chasing your dreams, its about forgiveness, family and friendship too. I really enjoyed it and it made me forget my surroundings, which shows it is an immersive experience! Recommend!

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