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Jennifer Aniston as Tory Reding
Warwick Davis as Leprechaun
Mark Holton as Ozzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bigbadwolf666 10 / 10

Little girls shouldn't look for four leaf clovers( Review)

Damn was this a good movie! Had fun watching it when I was kid. Back when they used to make good movies. I like that it a had a goosebumps feel. You can definitely tell the directors/ writers TV background but well done. I liked that this movie was intended for kids as well as it should be without much gore or too much vulgarity. Nowadays you cant watch TV while eating without coughing up a lung. The folklore mixed in with a twist was a nice touch. I also like that the main character is a dwarf. Since it must be hard being casted as a lead and getting a job. It wasn't the type of film that we're supposed to feel sorry for him since he is a midget instead we are supposed to be scared out of our pants and running away from him. A menacing little creature that nobody would like to cross. The Irish people in it mixed well with its folklore getting them some story line and not just the character. I liked that the teen couple though flirted didn't have to have typical romantic ending which is so commonly boring. I liked that most of the cast were unknowns. At least at the time. The comedy is hilarious. I heard it wasn't supposed to be till Warrick suggested it. I don't think this movie would've been as fun without it. As many horror films, the good ones add a little bit of comedy. The length of the film was good. It wasn't too long nor too short. Just resaw it on bluray, nice quality. Worth it. The widescreen looks spectacular and the images look clear as daylight. Time to get to the awaited Jennifer Aniston Critique. When I first saw this movie she wasn't famous. I liked her in the movie and thought she did a great job. She didn't look spectacular or anything. Just like a normal girl. Just like many of the goosebumps episode just a normal cute girl. Then she started to make more movies and became famous for the stupid friends show. Now I didn't know her because of her other work. I knew her because of this and since this I recognized in her other movies. Some movies she did I liked like Picture Perfect. But She falls to the perfect Hollywood brainwashing. All she cared about was her stupid career. She never had kids, she got tons of surgery done, and did a bunch of sell out roles. She was never a good actress. Funnily bad mouthing this(leprechaun) when many of her roles and acting stink. Friends is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. With the ugliest people, terrible acting, and worst jokes. Obviously made for brain dead people. Was it worth selling your soul for a couple of millions? She could've easily been as she was in the beginning of her career. A cute girl done a few movies and gone on with her life. Instead shes just another dumb plastic bimbo. Now when I watch this I look away at the screen. She got so much stuff shes almost unrecognizable. She was just fine the way she was. She wasn't a 10 but she had nice legs, she was cute. The conceit got to her. Its not like her movies are that great that you can say "well she had a great stellar career who could blame her?". Of course now she bad mouths leprechaun. I read that she was an unknown when she got this role and the director fought for her to get her first role. What a great way to show gratitude. Its not like her role was that bad or that it demanded much. Too bad the fame and money got to her. SHe could've been such a good girl. Now I don't get why this film is so bashed. In many ways its a classic. The only leprechaun movie, which also has a bit of horror and humor. Now I read many critics bashing the hell out of this. Which I don't get. This movie is by far not terrible. But they make it seem like its they didn't put any effort in it. There's a reason why It barely had a 1 million budget but it made 8 million. Had plenty of rentals. Has been released on DVD, bluray( the entire series. Hard to believe), they give on syfy every year on St. Patricks day. It has been on some horror movie lists. Critics are so stupid. They bash classic movies like this and then praise all the garbage that's coming out. But if it was as bad as people say it wouldn't have sold. I barely know anyone who hasn't seen this movie or at the very least know the character. Thats coming along way. I remember as a kid it was funny and scary and all my friends loved it. I also like make up not the cgi crap nowadays. Makeup plays a major role in make belief. And the makeup looked really good. I read Warrick had to go through for 4 hours for it to be done and being still for most of that time. Without being able to warm up before the role. Another 40 mins to take it off. Thats some good dedication( for not a big salary). lol. Though many of the sequel were inferior and this is the unique original. Id give this the best leprechaun because of its originality and it being the creator of it all. Plus it stuck to the origin of it with its folklore while the others drifted off. Totally recommended and blasts to watch it. I'll always watch it on Leprechuans birthday.

Reviewed by Ron van Rijswijk 8 / 10

This old Lep, he played one. He played Pogo on his lung.

A hilarious attempt to create a slasher movie with a leprechaun as the main villain, it's all about a girl (A young Jennifer Aniston) and her dad who move to the country. What they don't know is that the previous owner stole the gold of a leprechaun and locked it up in the basement, They hire 2 men and a boy to do a paint job and the clumsy one (who's supposed to be mentally challenged) accidentally releases the leprechaun (A great part played by Warwick Davis). And soon the leprechaun starts killing off\or terrorizes anyone who comes on his path, the thing i personally really like about this movie and it's sequel is the acting of Warwick Davis because he really let's him self go as a psychotic little creep who just wants his gold back. He did a great job on the on-liners and acting, i think most fans of the genre are known with the film. However i don't know about the most people who watch mainstream movies, it never really gets over the top bloody or violent. It's more of a game of hide and seek between the victims and the leprechaun, if you've never seen it just give it try. It's a well made horror comedy, however there's one aspect i can't stand which is that Jennifer Aniston acts like she's embarrassed when someone finds out she starred in this movie. Typicall starlet behavior, there's nothing wrong with starring in a B movie. Anyway in my opinion it's a good one. Just watch it and you'll have a blast.

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 6 / 10

Good fun but falls short of hitting the jackpot

Early Jennifer Aniston movie (the UK DVD release has milked this by giving her star billing and added a photo of her that obviously wasn't from the film on the cover), but the real star here is Warwick Davis in the title role. He's great fun to watch, the only thing that lets him down is his inability to do a convincing Irish accent. Relatively low body count but there are a few neat kills and plenty of humour to make this entertaining viewing. Needless to say it spawned a franchise, some of which are probably best forgotten.

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