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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
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Rooney Mara as Lucy
Nicole Kidman as Sue Brierley
Dev Patel as Saroo Brierley
David Wenham as John Brierley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Evans 9 / 10

A fabulous movie based on reality, not a comic.....

I see myself as quite tough, but Lion had me in tears, but engaged and totally captivated. One of the best films I've seen in a while, certainly one of the most powerful. Bad I know, but I can't watch a film with subtitles, it's a fault, but there you go, i fiddle with my phone or tablet etc, but the story was such that I didn't take my eyes off it. Young Sunny Pawar was simply sensational, and let's be honest stole the film from a hugely experienced cast, the young man was incredible.

How on Earth could someone not enjoy this film, it's a true story, reality! The heartbreaking story of a young boy's desperation to discover his roots. I thought Dev Patel did a magnificent job in playing Saroo in later life, what a terrific actor he is. Superb performances all round, Kidman as always exceptional.

This must be the first film to show the internet as a force for good, and that's a positive surely :-)

Reviewed by Saiyan_Prince_Vegeta 8 / 10

Evokes emotions

Nice emotional movie, based on true events. I thought it's an indian movie and I expected less, but it's actually good, and most of it is set in western society. I had a few tears at the end and it's a really nice emotional movie. Family is very important, whether it's adoptive family or real one. All 2 hours were very interesting and I didn't have any breaks

Reviewed by esteban1747 8 / 10

Kidnapped children

Garth Davis managed to make a film that touches a very serious situation existing in the world, especially in India, where annually it is estimated that 80 thousand children are lost or kidnapped by the existing mafias, which aimed at killing these creatures to take their organs or turn them into slaves of wealthy families or for working hard in factories that are not in sight of the population. "Lion (2016)" touches the issue of how children are kidnapped, managed and sent to unknown destinations, where prostitutes are painted as false mothers to delinquents who may well sin of pedophiles. The best for these children is to be adopted by decent families although they will never forget where they are coming from and look forward to come back and meet their relatives. The plot of "Lion" is very interesting, and let us know the concerns of these children once they become adult, their dreams and sufferings.

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