Living on One Dollar


Adventure / Documentary / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 4690

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BobSacramento 10 / 10

Inspiring Young Filmmaking

Following the mold of Morgan Spurlock, 4 college grads spend 8 weeks in the impoverished Guatemalan hills. They live on a dollar a day. An entirely predictable consequence of malnutrition and sickness ensues, while your heart latches on to the children and hardworking townspeople who live in that reality.

On the surface, it'd appear this movie is trying to pull your heartstrings. And perhaps it is. But what is most remarkable about "Living on One Dollar" is how well this little documentary is made. It's narrative is perfectly developed, it's tone perfectly shaped. The pace sails along wonderfully, never getting itself stuck by trying to be overly emotional. The photography is beautiful, too.

If this is what's to come of a generation of young filmmakers, I'm very excited.

Reviewed by wcastillo-1 8 / 10

Humbling & memorable documentary

What a wonderfully humbling & memorable documentary! I watched this along with an entire high school campus in our attempt to share with teens what true poverty looks like. This documentary does not try to overdo anything. It's simple, concise, and impactful. It's a piece that gives one a new perspective in how to look at life and the hardships that we all have to endure. If one thinks his/her life is hard, this documentary may very well serve as a starting point to help an individual see that most hardships that many of us perceive truly do pale in comparison to what over 1 billion people in the world have to live with everyday. It's a great documentary to share with people regardless of age, race, gender, and class level. Watch it and tell people about it. Perhaps, together, many more people will become compassionate enough to help others who truly need our help.

Reviewed by tplover 10 / 10

Very captivating with an incredible message

I was glued to this documentary from the first few seconds. This is a very important story to tell and the filmmakers get it bang on. It really gets you thinking about the world we live in and how harshly people have to live. But it also creates hope for the future and provides inspiration to act. The families that are featured really make the film. I was so interested in seeing how they lived despite how little they have. The filmmakers adopting this way of life makes it all so very real. You can really feel how it would be to live on one dollar a day. When I realized the lack of nutrition options, it really hit home. I have also become so grateful for the clean water that comes out of my tap. I cannot wait until the future episodes are aired.

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