Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michael-kerrigan-526-124974 8 / 10

A beautiful tribute that Chris and Frank would've been proud of

Late 80s. My mates Baz and Bert kept going on about "I've got a papier-mâché head". I didn't know what they were on about. I was a normal teenager - not yet exposed to the wonderful world of the non-mainstream. So I knew more about FS through association rather than anything else. My interest grew further when, on my own in Budapest and craving any English language film, I went to an indie cinema and watched the wonderfully emotional film 'Frank' starring Michael Fassbender as a semi-fictional character loosely based on Chris Sievey's alter-ego FS. 'Frank' was written by Jon Ronson, who was in one of Chris' early bands, and also appeared, as himself, in this documentary. I'd say, if you get the chance, watch 'Being Frank: The Chris Sievy Story' and then 'Frank' the fictional tribute, as a wonderfully weird, poignant and, ultimately beautiful double bill portrayal of this wonderful anti-establishment artist. Both Chris and Frank would approve.

PS - I watched this film at the Brixton Curzon and I was the only person in the theatre. Upstairs, there was a stand up comedy night - and I heard no laughing. Probably hardly anyone there either. If this film gives us any message, it's don't worry about the audiences - just stay true to yourself.

Reviewed by kbradley26 7 / 10

Funny, moving, upsetting and brilliant

Saw this at the Glasgow Film Festival. Im a 90s music and comedy fan from the north west of england and was a Frank Sidebottom fan. But the man behind him was so much more interesting and that is the true achievement of this film . A complex character who was a true creative whose talents were way beyond what he became famous for. Was so interesting to hear his wife and family talk... lovely people who inspired him

go see even if you are not a frank sidebottom fan.

Reviewed by malmborgimplano-92-599820 10 / 10

Now I get it

I first heard about Frank Sidebottom when I read a preview of the Michael Fassbender film "Frank" on the Guardian UK site and thought, this phenomenon of a guy who became a novelty pop star while wearing a John Held Jr. mask that he refused to take off even when doing radio interviews sounds fascinating, but why would I want to watch a fiction film about a fictional guy who works for a fictional version of Frank? What I really wanted is this film: a documentary that would explain to a Yank like me what made Frank Sidebottom and his creator Chris Sievey so appealing to his British audiences. (I've tried watching YouTube videos of Frank and was only mystified and a little annoyed. As I said, I'm a Yank.)

Like "The Nomi Song," this film does a superlative job of making a very unique artist from an esoteric branch of New Wave subculture seem like an old friend. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in British pop culture, especially British humor and the original punk/New Wave era.

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