Alien Contact: Outer Space



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ander5151 1 / 10

Unbelievably bad. Really.

I never thought I'd dislike something so much as to give it a one-star rating, but in this case I had no choice. This "documentary" is little more than a string of stock-footage and public-domain shots of rotating radio telescopes, NASA control rooms, TV-news animation backgrounds and home-brew CGI, with a droning voice-over that could've been---and probably was---compiled by lurking around a few of the cheesiest alien-conspiracy websites. The production values are so bad, and the lack of substantial content so profound, it baffles me how anyone was persuaded to have anything to do with it. But what's REALLY incredible is that I saw this on Netflix. Netflix! They were actually showing it! Why? Well, I suppose it couldn't have cost much to license. It's awful, though. Really.

Reviewed by james182108 1 / 10


The narration is very monotone and sounds hypnotic in a rather creepy way. Like some one has stated early, the video clips are not original and used over and over again. I completely lost interest early on when they did the voice over for Nikola Tesla; a Serbian man. Whilst talking about a signal he received, the show went and used a voice actor putting on the accent of an English peasant. Honestly, what the hell!? The guy sounds like a bad actor in Eastenders or something.

Reviewed by Zix7 2 / 10

Wow.. definitely intended for the dumb

Is anyone even supposed to believe this crap? The majority of "facts" in this documentary can be easily debunked with 3 seconds' worth of googling. Eerie music and "scary" backgrounds just make this documentary even more hilarious to watch. Genre should be changed to Stoners Comedy.

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