Lost in London


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 2019


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Daniel Radcliffe as Daniel Radcliffe
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Owen Wilson as Owen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Case 8 / 10

What an eventful night out!

What a great technical achievement this film was. One camera. One shot. Great sound (mostly). Fantastic theatrical performances throughout. Considering it was way past my bed time, I never once took my eyes off the screen, just watching in disbelief that this was all actually happening NOW in and about the London streets outside this cinema, in the very early hours of a cold Friday morning. There were some laugh out loud parts. Some rather black moments. And some cringe- worthy. But all good entertainment. Unless the cast hadn't pointed out a few problems in the Q&A afterwards I wouldn't have noticed them. As a live event it was spectacular. We'll just have to wait and see how it stands up as a film in its own right.

Reviewed by mrwhite 10 / 10

A crazy project flawlessly executed.

If you have any basic knowledge of film making, acting, lighting, sound engineering and broadcasting, after watching this film you might agree it was an incredible achievement given the limited budget and schedule and all the obstacles and circumstances in which it was put together. When judging all the elements in the film, but particularly acting, it is fair to consider the EXTREME emotional and physical endurance all the actors and crew needed in order to materialize this (crazy) project, specially Woody who also served as director and, as he later explained during the QA session at the end of the movie, couldn't stop thinking about all the details while the camera was rolling. Remember, this movie was broadcast LIVE in one camera shot with no opportunity for screwing up, with the constant threat of technical glitches in sound (150 microphones) and video streaming, bad timing of actors and scenes, falls (the cameraman was running up and down staircases and other obstacles) and even bad weather, given that in London it can rain at any time and great part of the movie was shot outdoors. If you factor all these elements in, then Woody's performance was Academy Award ( or Tony? or both? ) winner. So for this reason, I am giving this movie a solid 10. What Woody and the rest of the crew have achieved is short of impossible. The plot and dialogues were good and entertaining, not a deep and thoughtful story, just a fun and silly comedy based on Woody's mostly-true recount of an awkward night in London. If you didn't have the opportunity to watch it live and would like to watch it now, please do so with an open mind and remember, this was an experimental project with incredible odds of not going well at all, and yet somehow it did!.

Reviewed by peruhealing 6 / 10

Tried to like it... Definitely not a great film

I didn't know this was a "one shot" live movie. For what it is, it's well executed and deserving of praise, however, it falls short if you expect it to stand its own ground. Maybe if we were rating single take live films, this could be an 8,9 or 10.

The dialogue is painfully intense, there is hardly any space to breathe. Camera is shaky, sometimes blurry... Some of the jokes are witty but they are few and far in between. Also you cannot really laugh as you are trying to understand what the heck is going on and what everyone is talking about. The British accents don't help. Overall interesting try but dont be fooled by the positive reviews, this will eventually become a 5 start movie on IMDB

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