Love Field



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Michelle Pfeiffer as Lurene Hallett
Dennis Haysbert as Paul Cater
Beth Grant as Hazel
Anne Lockhart as Reporter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThrownMuse 8 / 10

Outstanding drama that deserves a wider audience.

Michelle Pfeiffer plays a middle-class 60s housewife who idolizes Jackie O. When JFK is assassinated, she leaves her husband and road trips to his funeral to show solidarity with her icon. Along the way she meets a black man (Dennis Haysbert) and his young daughter. She immediately befriends them but realizes they are hiding a secret. Soon she is swept up in their lives and finds herself on the run from the FBI.

This is the best performance I've ever seen by Pfeiffer. She is practically unrecognizable--her southern accent is perfect and her Jackie O-inspired look is classic. She adds a welcome dose of humor to a film that is often emotionally overwhelming. The movie alternates between adorable and disturbing, but never gets too extreme either way. The plot gets a bit contrived at times, but the movie serves to question the comfort of routine middle-class existence, so it works. I am surprised this is not a well-known film. It is one of the best ones I've seen from the early 90s.

My Rating: 8/10.

Reviewed by bkostis 10 / 10

an excellent portrait of the times

This movie is not only tells the story of the accidental connection of two people, one black and one white, who would probably have never met in their normal lives, it also presents a vivid portrait of the time in which they lived. Set against the background of the JFK assassination and the aftermath, the protagonists meet and help each other through turning points in their lives. At first wary of each other, they come to understand the forces which have shaped each other's personalities and then come to appreciate the humanity and longing they have in common. Segregation and prejudice on both sides are explored without preaching. Finally it ends if not happily at least on a note of hope.

Reviewed by shackel 9 / 10

Love Fields a real sleeper, one of the best small films ever

I loved this movie! Pfieffer's child-like naiveté is beautifully balanced with the mature competence of Dennis Haysbert's character. This is the first time I'd ever seen Haysbert and I've been a fan ever since. Something about that man...the viewer understands why she falls for him. I ached for both characters. The movie stirs up some feelings about injustice, racism, oppressed women -- a memory of those times but not nostalgia for them. The ending soothes and satisfies all that was stirred up. Love Fields uses only a few people and not a lot of scenery to tell its story, but its quite enough. It is, essentially, a love story -- unexpected, but so right. The period (mid-60's)is well-established and well-maintained. See this movie!

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