Anna and the Apocalypse


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Musical

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 4214


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Paul Kaye as Savage
Ella Hunt as Anna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thor1967 4 / 10

Musical warning

Guys this is not a horror comedy, it's a musical at best.

Reviewed by thrtynne 5 / 10

Best first half of a movie I've seen all year. Just the first half though.

What a massively disappointing conclusion. I have no idea how they could possibly mess up the second half this badly.

The film starts off perfectly, a perfect commitment to the cheese and the campiness, genuine talent put into the songs, an awful lot of great slapstick, and over the top performances.

And then they forgot what movie they were making. The film commits so much to its zombie film satire that it becomes an actual zombie film. It attempts to be sad, serious, dramatic. They start killing characters that have no reason to die because...?

I am so incredibly disappointed. I laughed so so hard for like 35 minutes and then nothing.

Reviewed by sven-koehler 2 / 10

Dont sing, please

If I had the choice, I would not have watched this. However, I went to a sneak preview, and surprise: musical meets zombies!

Now apparently the slogan for this movie is "Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land". Sure, Shaun of the Dead comes to mind. But you see, Shaun of the Dead was good, really good, in my opinion. It wouldn't have worked, if Shaun of the Dead would have been made as sloppy as this movie.

And La La Land also was a sneak preview surprise. And I also didn't like it much at first, but by the end I feel like the character might have won me over. There were some characters that I can care about, which is something this movie doesn't have.

The characters in this movie are all caricatures -- every single one of them -- the likes of which I have seen many many times before. The pretty girl, the shy guy, the evil headmaster savage, the evil kid (Nick), etc.

So bottom line, I got a few zombies, a bit of splatter - but that does not make up for the unrelatable characters and the singing. I can enjoy zombies and splatter, but not in this context. Also, the movie did not make me laugh. It's not funny, it was not a blast like the trailer suggests.

Overall, it was painful watching it. Please don't make another movie like this.

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