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Frances McDormand as Miss Clavel
Ben Daniels as Leopold the Tutor
Nigel Hawthorne as Lord Covington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boyo-2 9 / 10

Good girl

Sitting through "Madeline" was like a cool breeze on a hot day. Hatty Jones is talented enough to carry the movie, Frances McDormand makes a hell of a nun, and the supporting cast was fine also. I would rather sit through this movie again than ever see most of the summertime garbage we are 'treated' to. The opening and closing credits were beautiful, too. Being a thirtysomething guy, I was unfamiliar with the "Madeline" books, but I have a feeling the movie captured the spirit of the books. A job well done; I loved every minute of it.

Reviewed by Jill-36 9 / 10

Lively, endearing and sweet; what a Children's film SHOULD BE!

Whether or not this film was critically acclaimed by the "so-called" experts or not, is irrelevant. The REAL experts are the children who watch, are captivated and endeared by Madeline's well casted characters. Every child I know (including my own) that has seen this film loved it and has begged for it on video.

Parents may not see this as a daring, frolicking action adventure; but rather as a sweet and funny children's film, which is after all, what is was designed to be.

There are so few films that really MEET a parent's expectations for what they WANT their children to see and can TRUST to not be "profane" (many older children's films that were "G-rated" are being remade now as "PG" under the guises that parents will "want" to watch them to; but do the kids really need the addition of bad language and sexual innuendo?).

Madeline, the movie, is true to the author's original story-line and keeps its poetical, lyrical style and flavor. The children and adults in the cast are true to what the author's characterizations were intended to be.. rather than a so-called "modern version" of it.

It is childhood at its best and its worst, with "realistic" villains (instead of the monstrous or far-fetched) and more of the genuine fun and whimsy that childhood is supposed to possess.

Children everywhere adore this film! As an adult, I appreciate it and APPLAUD it. I wish filmakers would TAKE NOTE and produce MORE films like this... TRULY for Children and SOLIDLY "G-rated". After all... children are the best experts on what they like.. and they LOVE THIS... so do I.

Reviewed by byhc2003 10 / 10

Loved this movie!

Madeline is a cute movie for the whole family -- if you like things when they were more simple! The antics of this young girl, Madeline are somewhat typical, often funny, yet sweet and well-meaning as orphaned child who is lonely and sad. Miss Clavel played by the one and only lovely Frances McDormand has the best facial expressions a nun could have when exasperated, yet, she really loves all the girls, but especially Madeline. And Lord Coo-coo face, well there's just something about him that isn't quite right -- it turns out he's lonely and sad, too just like Madeline. I think this movie was a great way to disappear into a Saturday afternoon and forget all the chaos of the week and bring back fond memories of less rushed times. The entire cast is -- well, they're all a kick!

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