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Kirstie Alley as Jessie Bannister
John Larroquette as Mark Bannister
John Diehl as Fred
Bradley Gregg as Jonathan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 6 / 10

It's a madhouse...or so they say!

This engagingly nutty farce stars TV icons John Larroquette and Kirstie Alley as Mark and Jessie Bannister, an average, fairly successful L.A. couple who've just moved into their dream home. Wouldn't you know it: their serenity is almost immediately interrupted by a nonstop barrage of uninvited house guests. Circumstances spiral way out of control, ensuring that these human pests are obliged to stay at Mark and Jessies' place for an extended period of time.

At best, the material by debuting writer / director Tom Ropelewski is no more than mildly amusing. It's certainly not for everybody, considering just how abominable some of these characters are, such as Jessica Lundys' obnoxious Bernice, the wife of Marks' cousin Fred (John Diehl), bratty psycho in training C.K. (Aeryk Egan), the son of the next door neighbour Dale (played by The Exterminator, a.k.a. actor Robert Ginty), or Jessies' spoiled rotten, stuck up, gold digging sister Claudia (Alison La Placa). But the cast is so good that they keep this wacky comedy watchable for 91 minutes.

By the time the movie has ended, we'll see a baby elephant running amok, a pet cat that steadily uses up a number of its nine lives, a police raid, an on air nervous breakdown for reporter Jessie, a harness designed for the pregnant Bernice when she slips and falls, and some remodelling (when Dale and his brood move in, he takes it upon himself to make bleachers (!) for the TV set).

This talented cast makes the most of the situation; Larroquette, Diehl, and La Placa are particularly funny. Also appearing are Bradley Gregg as Claudias' no-good son Jonathan, and Dennis Miller (making his film debut), sporting his ridiculous early 90s hair as Marks' co-worker Wes.

It's all too easy to sympathize with our heroes as they try to take back their house.

Six out of 10.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10

Dr Jack Penix....with an X....

Mark and his wife Jessie have just moved into their own house and are nearly out of money.

But everything is perfect, until Mark gets mail and discovers that his cousin Fred and wife Bernice are coming to stay for a holiday.

Fred used to be a wild-guy but now he is a jobless man with no self-esteem thanks to his dominating wife. Bernice is pregnant, and when she has an accident she ends up in bed for the rest of the pregnancy.

Also, Jessie's gold-digger sister Claudia and son Jonathan and the next door neighbours are forced to stay in the house.

This causes unwanted pressure on Mark as he tries to land an account with a multi- millionaire and the stress causes Jesse to nearly lose her TV job, just as she is ready to hit the big time......

I've always wanted to see this movie, ever since I were thirteen, and the one sheet was outside my local cinema. Now I've seen it, I still prefer the one sheet.

It's one of those weird eighties crossover movies, that had the token yuppies, the big offices, and when Kirstie Alley was still very hot. It's as if the screenwriters have gotten every trope and cliché and threw it onto the screen.

The biggest cliché is Mark and his big deal, in every comedy like this, the main lead always has a something big happening at work, just as something bigger happens at home. See everything starring Steve Martin in the nineties for proof.

Other than that, its not that bad, just not memorable enough, nor bonkers enough, to warrant another viewing. And the ending just seems a little too 'Last House On The Left' to sit well in this type of movie

At least Dennis Miller has great hair.

Reviewed by Catherine_Grace_Zeh 9 / 10

Excellent feel-good screwball comedy which will leave you smiling!

MADHOUSE, in my opinion, is an excellent feel-good screwball comedy which will leave you smiling! If I had to deal with a bunch of uninvited guests the way that Mark (John Larroquette) and Jessie (Kirstie Alley) did, I would go just as crazy as they did. Still, I say it's always a good idea to be a good Samaritan. Last night, before I had to leave to go somewhere, I watched half of this, and this morning, I watched the whole thing, and I must say that I really enjoyed it. I even purchased it last night. Anyway, if you want to know what kind of mayhem ensues, see the movie for yourself. I guarantee you that you will have a smile on your face afterward.

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