Poor Boy's Game



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Danny Glover as George
Rossif Sutherland as Donnie Rose
Laura Regan as Emma
Greg Bryk as Keith Rose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gradyharp 8 / 10

Both Sides of Forgiveness

POOR BOY'S GAME is a little film with a big message: hate can only be altered with forgiveness, remorse and redemption. The highly respected Jamaican director Clément Virgo (episodes on 'The Wire', 'The L Word', 'Soul Food', and films 'Love Comes Down', 'Lie With Me', etc) here takes on the tough subject of racism and the accompanying backlash of consequences and with co-writer Chaz Thorne produces a small but pungent film that touches many aspects of the schism between whites and blacks in the seemingly tranquil town of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Isolating the story in such an unlikely place serves to heighten the core problems the film addresses.

Donnie Rose (Rossif Sutherland) is released from prison, having served nine years for the brutal beating of Charles Carvery (K.C. Collins) which left the victim severely brain damaged. Upon release Donnie returns to his old neighborhood to live with his mother and find work as a security guard in a bar. Largely due to the bad influence of Donnie's belligerent and bigoted brother Keith (Greg Bryk), Donnie has to struggle with his family situation, trying to avoid the pain and guilt of his past while coping with his own dark secrets. His victim's father George (Danny Glover) stalks Donnie with the intent of killing him for the damage he has inflicted on both only his son and wife (Tonya Lee Williams), but the racial tension he encounters magnifies the underlying tragedy of the past - a factor both Donnie and George must face. Violence between the blacks and whites erupts and the resolution is to be decided in a boxing match between the superior boxer Ossie Paris (Flex Alexander) and Donnie. After a touching encounter following a tragedy, George and Donnie bond and George trains Donnie for the fight, the first sign of erasing racial tension. How the crucial fight preparations proceed and how the fight results from the resolution of the critical conflict that has eroded the town and these people forms the surprising closure of this story.

The cast is strong with the quiet lead from Danny Glover and the smoldering, conflicted Donnie by Rossif Sutherland, the fine young Canadian actor whose father is Donald Sutherland and whose half brother is Kiefer Sutherland. The film very quietly explores other conflicts, such as Donnie's sexual and emotional life with his black cell mate in prison, adding to the exploration of human behaviors that influence interpersonal schisms and barriers. This may be a low budget movie but it is a solid work well worth viewing. Grady Harp

Reviewed by sttaresss 8 / 10

Very good drama about forgiveness and redemption

After seeing this film at the Pan African Film Festival, I was struck not just by the importance of its message but the universal appeal of the film as a whole. This is a story that truly crosses racial boundaries. Danny Glover is excellent as usual, but the entire cast is talented, and the lead actor, Rossif Sutherland, is definitely one to watch. The story begins with a vicious attack by an almost unreedemable lead character. His journey through the prison system to the boxing ring forces him to confront his inner demons, and to ask forgiveness from those he has harmed. Definitely worth seeing at a film festival or anywhere you can find it!

Reviewed by pilotpilot 10 / 10

A work of art

This movie is the best I've seen for a long time. It is one of those rare movies where the technical details are so good that they are transparent to the viewer and the acting and directing is so good it gives you a chill down your spine.

*** the following might contain spoilers *** ( I have added the spoiler warning just to be safe but I don't really think it can be spoiled)

The moto of the movie is confusion and lack of borders, morally and psychologically, and it is expressed in a brilliant way in a lot of different levels : the hero who has to reconcile his homosexual behaviour in jail with his heterosexual identity outside it, the tense relationship between the black and white communities which come to a climax in the neighbourhood's club, the relationship of the hero to his absent father as opposed to the (black) father who adopts him, the relationship of the hero with his mother - a few times he has to listen to her having sex with her boyfreind which is a very strong way of portraying the collapse of his psychological borders, and most of all the confusion that is created when the father of the kid that the hero tried to murder adopts him(!) and trains him to a boxing fight so he will not die, even this fight does not come to any conclusion and is just blurred away with no winners or losers.

*** end of spoiler alert ****

It seems that in one short story, the movie succeeds in portraying a wide variety of complexities of life in a way which is not righteous or preaching. This is a beautiful and intelligent movie, I hope it will get the appropriate credit it deserves.

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