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Anthony Mackie as Micah
Margaret Qualley as Sam Walden
Danny Huston as Henry
Tom Payne as Elon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pldevine 2 / 10


"When you tell a story, here's a good idea: HAVE A POINT!"

This was a nothing sandwich. A huge slab of nothing wedged between a slice of apocalyptic earth and a slice of space exploration, seasoned with metaphysical gobbledygook.

Reviewed by PiAnt 1 / 10

See it with a friend who can slap you awake when you nod off.

No sense of urgency, no interesting developments, no empathy, no rockets, no IO.

The balloon was the most interesting character.

Utter, utter rubbish.

Reviewed by tablebythegym 5 / 10

Good Concept Bad Execution

Although the concept is highly unrealistic, as climate change doesn't make the air poison (don't worry its just turning the ocean into acid), the concept is seemingly original and interesting. I saw the trailer and was intrigued enough to watch. I realized halfway through that this was going to be a pull-out-your-phone kind of movie. There are long stretches where you can look away for thirty minutes and not miss a single thing. There is little suspense in the story and the characters don't act like the movie established they should. There are action scenes that somehow put me to sleep. The costumes, scenery, and visuals are interesting to look at, but nothing to write home about. There are some comical moments where you can see an immaculate lawn or green vegetation in an area that it is established would be impossible.

The actors are decent, but don't have much to work with. It feels like the director was yelling, "more monotone, less passion!" The script is plodding and full of unnecessary mythology references that will go over most peoples heads and even having knowledge of the stories they were referencing I don't know how it applies. Either it is very complicated or so simple that I am overthinking it. I don't like to throw around the word 'pretentious' a lot, but this is certainly that at times. It is hard to explain without spoilers, but by around 2/3rds in people will understand what I mean.

All in all not a horrible movie, but not a good one. I feel with better direction and a more meaty script it could have fallen into a nice spot of an intriguing watch. It also has a very shove-climate-change-down-your-throat kind of attitude that even as someone who believes the scientists on climate change feels forced. The music is really good, but doesn't save it. This movie falls with a lot of Netflix movies into decent but disappointing.

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