The Challenger Disaster



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Dean Cain as Larry Arnold
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by welshgardner 10 / 10

Excellent historically detailed film

The Challenger is very close to our hearts. On July 4th, 1982, my husband and I got to go to Ellington Field (by NASA , Houston, Texas) when it was being piggy-backed to Florida. We drove on the runway, got close to the shuttle, the astronauts flew in in their jets and spoke a few words. It was a body blow to us when it exploded because we'd been so close to it. Seeing this film and knowing that it could have been prevented was another body blow. Much of the dialogue was taken from the Presidential Commission's report. We will watch this again. It bring up conversations such as "Would you do the right thing if you knew that it would cost you your career and friends?" " What price human life?", or in this case seven lives, which were lost because of financial and political concerns.

Reviewed by erika_lenk 10 / 10


First and foremost, the best stories are told for further conversations. This movie definitely meets this goal. Being a high school senior at the time of the Challenger Disaster, Christa Mcauliffe was definitely America's sweetheart, teachers were a big part of my life and I had a high interest in seeing this movie. The movie tells the story of courageous candor with the contrast of the lack there of. The main character, a NASA engineer showed an incredible passion for what he believed and took all the steps he could to hinder the flight to space. Incredible historical set with the smallest details of the 80's. My husband and I thougholy enjoyed it and the long conversations afterwards...our measurement for a great movie.

Reviewed by shanapope 10 / 10


Really enjoyed this movie-a solid production. I remember that day vividly. Now I have perspective on what the engineers who tried to stop the launch went through. The cast did a great job.

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