Max Steel


Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 16815


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Maria Bello as Molly McGrath
Andy Garcia as Dr. Miles Edwards
Josh Brener as Steel
Mike Doyle as Jim McGrath
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Carlos Perez Miquilarena 6 / 10

Wasted potential

This could have been a great super hero film, the visuals are there, they are really really great. But the story was just so slow and not well explained. One of the main characteristics of a super hero movie, specially when it comes to the ''introduction'' movie, it's the whole suit thing, like there's some excitment to knowing the suit the hero is going to wear. Here, literally he suddenly appears with the suit, we don't know how or why he got it, there's just too many things left unexplained. There's also not enough Max Steel, the vast majority is him running as a normal teenager. They also could have done much better with the relationship between Max and Steel. The villain development was super weak as well. This had great potential.

Reviewed by francisofori 1 / 10

It is trash, movie seemed rushed and lacked pure engaging content.

Movie was trash. Seemed very rushed. Plot not explained well. Special effects were good, however everything else just ruins the film. The romance in this film seemed very stretched. Too much of a reach. We all know films love to get that romance between two characters who barely know each other but this one was just far too cringe worthy. Very disappointed with this film, was not able to finish watching it.

Reviewed by Ayal Oren 8 / 10

Cute coming of age sci-fi comics, with some action to boot

I just saw Max Steel. It's not a masterpiece. It's very predictable, very CGI driven, and not always thought out all the way through. And still, it's a very charming coming of age story with the sci-fi comics element serving as an enhancement of teen age issues. So the coming of age problems of finding who you really are, who are your parents and who are your friends, all get extra dimensions.

The moment you see this movie, and the comics it's based on under this light, you'll enjoy it much more. The action scenes arriving mostly toward the end of the movie are more of a plot device accelerating the pace of the story while still making sense - inside the world constructed in the movie. This way we get to the very predictable conclusion in a reasonable time and without wasting long minutes on some more identity crisis and teen age angst.

Technically it's all very professional, the actors do their share, most of them don't shine too brightly but they all get the job done. If you don't expect something else, you'll get some cute fun.

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