Mermaid Down


Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pam-36889 10 / 10

Unique and Impressive Work

I find this film to be unique and impressive work of a very talented team of filmmakers / actors.

Alexandra Bokova, the actress playing the mermaid, deserves the most accolades. She talked to us without saying a word. Her eyes, her facial and body language express her inner feeling better than words. The actress wonderfully developed her heroine character throughout the movie. In the beginning we see a wild frightened creature. Then we see her as a tremendously suffering half-human near death. But her desire for life exposes her inner strength and she becomes absolutely fearless. At the end of the movie, the actress shows more of a human side in her compassion and camaraderie, yet she remains wild. Great Job. Bravo!

I applaud the director/screenwriter Jeffrey Grellman for creating a very interesting story and a movie based on it. It is interesting not just as a fable, but for different views people can see in it. One sees it as just a horror movie; the other as a fairy tale. But someone can see it as an allegory for todays life. Today people are fighting to preserve life on our planet. Today the voices to support and defend those who are disadvantaged, humiliated, and abused sound louder than ever.

Is this movie just about mythical creatures? Or is it about something more? Maybe about us? There are so many aspects, obvious and hidden, that we can discuss after watching this movie. And that makes this script and movie so unique. Congratulations to the actors, director, and the entire team on a job well done for us, the viewers. Thanks.

Reviewed by indiereview 10 / 10

For lovers of Arthouse film

This film was made for only $85k? That's impressive. Exactly what you want from an indie arthouse- strange plot, unique style of filming, witty dialogue. You've got to pay attention in order to follow along because the film moves fast as it answers most of your questions. Opening scene is very clever: from dialogue to the set details it suggests the tone of the directors intent and a deliciously twisted sense of humor. Acting is very strong. The lead actresses entire performance is of a mute. She looks like a mermaid (different and you can't place where she's from). Obviously instantly captivated by her looks, but become emotionally invested through her very strong silent performance (daring on the directors end and impressive on the actresses). Supporting cast is very Girl Interruptedesque and brings lightness to the film. Most memorable of the supporting is the ghost. She barely speaks but also conveys a strong physical performance. Interesting and effective choice on the directors part to keep this duos performances nonverbal. The main nurse gives an honest memorable performance. Good casting. The film has strong feminist/women empowerment tones, good vs evil of human nature, and a feel good ending. I had to watch it twice: lots to unpack in this movie. Overall impressive film, great acting, can't believe the budget so please share links to confirm it.

Reviewed by pam-36889 10 / 10

Comment to negative reviewers

Comment to negative reviewers: This story is made so realistically on the screen that someone started to fact check. Someone was outraged that mermaid's legs grew over 30 days but the tail grew over night. Someone argued that pirates don't use sign language. This movie is a fantasy, a myth. It is not a documentary or a reality show designed to be factual. When we watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean', for instance, we are okay with pirates walking, talking, breathing without oxygen tanks under the water because it is part of the fictional, unrealistic story. Of course, Mermaid Down (only $85K production budget) is much more humble than "Pirates", but is still a great movie. I am a big fan.

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