Maid of Honor


Drama / Family / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
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Linden Ashby as Richard Wynn
Shannon Sturges as Nicole Harris
Dani Kind as Mollie Wynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whpratt1 7 / 10

One Guess Who the Bad Person Is

As soon as I heard the title of this TV film, I almost assumed who the bad person was going to eventually turn into. However, there are lots of twists and turns in this film and I believe a murder is committed that the killer actually got away with accomplishing. There is a father who's wife is killed in an auto accident, leaving the father with a teenage daughter and smaller son, both who loved their mom very much. The former wife's sister lives in the home and is sort of a housekeeper for the entire family. The film goes along rather smoothly until another woman makes an appearance and it upsets the entire household. Nice entertaining film and very good acting.

Reviewed by g404c 8 / 10

Linda Purl does a fine job

Maid of Honor stars Linda Purl as Laci, an aunt to a widow's two children in a nice suburban home. Richard, the widow, is played by Linden Ashby, and he gives a decent portrayal of a loving father. Laci is the sister of Richard's wife who was killed in a car accident two years earlier. When Richard declares he and his love-interest, Nicole (played by Shannon Sturges), are to be married, Laci is silently enraged and things get worse as the film progresses.

Purl looks great and she really makes the most of her character. There is one scene that takes place in a hospital stairwell between she and Ashby that is quite good, where she showcases some of the best acting and emotion I have seen in a TV movie of this genre. This is a good movie.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Evil Woman

While driving in the road, Richard Wynn (Linden Ashby) crashes his car and his beloved wife Carrie Wynn (Caroline Redekopp) dies. Along two years, his sister-in-law Laci Collins (Linda Purl) moves to his house and helps Richard to raise his son Danny Wynn (Steven McPhail) and his teenage daughter Molly Wynn (Danni Kind). When Richard decides to get married with Nicole Harris (Shannon Sturges), the deranged and psychotic Laci that is in love for Richard, tries to force Richard to call off the wedding with malevolence against Nicole and manipulating Danny.

"Maid of Honor" is one of those predictable and forgettable made-for-TV thrillers, which the screenplay seems to be ready in a shelf and the viewer knows what is going to happen and how the movie will end. I do not know how many similar films I have watched with the same psychological structure and conclusion. The good difference is the performance of Linda Purl in the role of a completely unstable woman, capable of plotting the most despicable wicked actions against the poor and beautiful Nicole. My vote is six.

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