As Far as the Eye Can See


Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 80


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Jason London as Jack Ridge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rchasenorris 10 / 10

Great film about living in a small Texas town and finding the strength to move on

As someone who grew up in a small Texas town, I saw this film nails it. The film, much like country folk, takes its time. People speak slowly, the pacing is unhurried, and sometimes the only thing you hear is the sound of the summer bugs chirping.

As befitting a small farming community, change is a central theme of the movie. Change and people's reaction to it. People in Paget live in a time that seems both long gone and standing still, and they hold on to the past with dear life.

Jack is no different. Jack grew up a piano prodigy and his potential became a source of hope for the town. But things didn't work out. Fast forward to today: Jack refuses to accept the present and instead holds on to the past. This movie is about Jack working through his shit and facing the scariest thing for him: his future.

It is a profoundly real story, and I loved it.

Reviewed by dloy-50157 2 / 10

Some potential but very slow and flat

Plenty of characters, interesting setting, but it really didn't go anywhere. Felt like only 20 minutes of story was told, but it took 90 minutes to tell it. Was hoping the story would be redeemed with great a piano performance. Very disappointing. Left me wanting more.

Reviewed by b-27247 5 / 10


Nice movie...but too many loose ends. Nothing seems to mean anything. Completely illogical. I watched it completely, but was left with too many questions afterwards. How did all these people get in this movie?

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