Million Dollar Arm


Action / Biography / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 7 10 41045


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Lake Bell as Brenda
Jon Hamm as JB
Bill Paxton as Tom House
Alan Arkin as Ray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 6 / 10

Nothing exceptional, but decent family film

If you looked up "family movie" in the dictionary, this film would be listed there. Nothing exceptional, but enough fun, laughs and story to go around. Great casting and some great moments...even if the script could have been slightly less cliche.

Reviewed by reham-08267 10 / 10

They made my day !!

I think this movie is one of the bests ever! . The small details about the two kids life and there actions first time in America are perfect . Also, I loved JB's feelings and thoughts changing .Brenda was very ideal , I fill in love with her character . After all , the best thing is positive energy that the story gives to you .. it's very cheering :). I would never be bored watch this again , and I hope one day meet Dinesh and Rinku <3 ..

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 8 / 10

Yes mister JB sir

When I saw the credits in the beginning of the movie and I saw it was a Disney movie I feared the worst because that's normally not the kind of movies I like. But since it was based on a true story it makes it a bit different and more enjoyable to watch. And I have to admit it was a good movie. A bit predictable but nonetheless an enjoyable feelgood movie about the two first Indians becoming professional baseball players. Even my wife that hates baseball and most sports in general thought it was a lovely story. You don't need to love baseball to appreciate Million Dollar Arm. The cast did a good job and the filming was very professional. You feel immediately an immense sympathy for the Indian characters. If you like feelgood stories with a happy ending than you should watch this one.

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