The Cleaning Lady


Horror / Thriller

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Rachel Alig as Shelly
Alexis Kendra as Alice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10


Now this is not the first movie and it won't be the last where Obsession gets the better of people. And while it does have some twists and turns that are, not unique, but still mesmerizing and tension filled, it is not really the best or prime example in that category. On the other hand it is also not the worst of movies I've seen on that topic.

The acting is decent overall, decisions may feel wrong (they are), especially from our main character, but nothing that should make you too angry about the whole movie. Always considering the circumstances and the fact this is a movie and that it has to have some force and something that drives the whole thing forward. If thrillers are generally your thing, that will help with your viewing pleasure - if not you may not really be into this at all

Reviewed by wolfgangfrosch 8 / 10

Athmospheric Chiller

Just saw the film at Fantasy Filmfest.

The pace is very good, it gives the characters time to develop. I don't want to spoil so I cannot tell too much. In the 3rd act the film get's pretty violent, but not just to shock people.

After all I really enjoyed the movie and can recommend it.

Reviewed by initium-60019 10 / 10

Great Psychological Thriller

I love independent film projects like this. Raw talent. No studio over-production. No CGI. Just actors on location pouring their hearts out.

This is a well written, well acted movie. It is definitely more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie. It is intelligent, so don't buy/rent it if you are looking for a slasher film. No spoiler alert - but a great ending!

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