The Young Offenders


Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by somersetboy 9 / 10

Fantastic Little Gem of a Movie

I expected some comedy, but this was hilarious fun. There is pace and action not dissimilar from Guy Ritchie movies. It reminded me of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on a much lighter tone and probably twice as funny.

I absolutely loved the stylised but down to earth storytelling, and the narrative. I hope the director/writer come up with more stylised comedy like this. It is not filled with gratuitous violence. It is definitely recommended viewing.

I have given it an enthusiastic 9 because I have not laughed so much in a while. It would have still been a 7 if I laughed 50% less!!

Reviewed by djseancronin 10 / 10

An absolutely hilarious film.

Being from Cork myself, this film ticks all the boxes. There was a lot of talk about it, so going into see it I was feeling it might fall short, as normally films this hyped turn out shite. From the moment this film starts it is just so funny right till the end.

I'm not sure will many people outside of Ireland get the humor, but this is one of the funniest films I've seen in a very long time, as I can relate the two lads to so many people I grew up with and PJ Gallagher was brilliant as the crippled dealer. Some brilliant characters in it and every joke was right on the money. I really do hope we get a sequel!

Reviewed by learyjennifer 9 / 10

Funniest Irish Film in Years.

This film is true to the essence of Cork and depicts its salt of the earth characters. Being from the city there was an extra layer of appreciation as a viewer: when the shipment was cast into the ocean a bale did go missing. I'm sure there were individuals who sought a fortune like the protagonists do in this film.

I was skeptical of watching the film as I was expecting it to be drawn out, filled with obvious one liners. I was happily surprised to discover I was wrong, the film creates two lovable rogue characters who are aware at times of their failings. No cheap jokes here, the dialogue was to the point without being obvious. I didn't expect the direction the film took, and am happy to see that the film is internationally well received, winning awards in LA, Texas and London.

If you are unsure, watch the movie trailer. Comedy gold with a tongue in cheek view, beautifully shot along West Cork. Don't take the characters as true representations of Corkonians, as this is a comedy. All aspects of this film are seamless: editing, dialogue, location, casting and soundtrack. Fantastic film, refreshingly not the typical Irish cinema most would expect from Ireland.

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