The Candidate


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 8 / 10

A public descent into hell

I went to see this wonderful movie with a minimum of information, as usual: a Spanish movie directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, with Antonio de la Torre. Nothing more. De facto, with a very positive a priori. During the first minutes, the atmosphere is a Dolce vita full of show-offs, with a yacht, a rolex, a penthouse, a prawns orgy and tutti quanti, in a universe of corrupt politicians. A scandal burgeons and one of them will immediately be designed for a sacrifice, in order to preserve the party and the government. Thus, in this extemporary exercise of musical chairs, the victim is Manuel López-Vidal, the main protagonist interpreted by Antonio de la Torre. The movie is quickly and suddenly transformed into a descent into the abyss, or rather a breathless race against the clock until an ultimate and terrific confrontation that might easily be considered as a merciless fight between the two last gladiators still standing within a Roman arena, with a combativeness boosted to the extreme, for the delight of a bloodthirsty audience.

The film deals with corruption through the eyes of a man for whom one feels almost empathy, despite the absence of sympathy. Thus, if this film addresses corruption without really judging it, the focus is primarily on the ability to survive, like manifold other movies, in fundamentally different contexts: Ayka (Sergei Dvortsevoy, 2018), Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013), The road (John Hillcoat, 2009), 28 days later (Danny Boyle, 2002), Deliverance (John Boorman, 1972), ... Thus, with El reino / The Realm, we may see what a corrupt politicien is ready to do to save his own skin. No matter what! As a conclusion, despite a few idle times, this movie is excellent.

Reviewed by marcocano-35090 9 / 10

When a movie becomes a directing class of how to build up tension.

This movie builds up until it explodes and lets you breathe again. Prepare to make some diving exercices because if you want to chill out this is not your movie. The portrayal of corruption is put on a very disturbing note and feels constantly hunting you. It reminds me of the best build up tension scenes along with for example Sicario (Denis Villeneuve) . Very well directed and very well acted , this shows what a talent Sorogoyen and Antonio de la Torre are. Probably my favorite movie of 2018 and my favorite spanish movie as of today along with Volver.

Reviewed by jctoledano 9 / 10

A necessary and sad truth that must be told

Saw this at Recent Spanish Cinema Miami '18 and it was a pleasant surprise.

Even though I did not expect a great film and I found it impossible to relate to a protagonist who is a corrupt politician, the pace changes slowly but steadily as it takes you to a well-achieved climax - the last half hour has to be among the best I've seen lately.

The film portrays the political corruption of Spain in an impeccable and sadly all too truthful way, while at the same time masterfully avoiding ideologies or similarities with concrete people (surely to avoid lawsuits too). It is never specified whether the political party depicted is right or left wing. What is made clear though, is that this applies to any (or most) politicians in power ('power corrupts').

It is groundbreaking for a Spanish film to show how this high-spheres corruption works, as citizens are mocked and abused by politicians. I wish many people will see this film so as to promote greater transparency in Spanish politics.

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