Mistletoe in Montana


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 125

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Michael Grant Terry as Freddy James
Jamey Sheridan as Stan Cartwright
Duane Henry as Mark Aguilar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 3 / 10


The story has no highs or lows and no tension or surprises. The dialogue is blah. The acting is terrible almost all around. The wardrobe is ridiculous. There is no chemistry between the leads unless you count all the moon eye they give each other across the set. The sets are cheap. There are a couple of nice shots of scenery.

I saw some comments about weather and I noticed it too. The worst case is when they take refuge from a blizzard in a remote barn. They draw attention to the fact there is no fire or other heat and the weather outside is supposed to be frightful. Yet neither one wears gloves, ear covering, or a scarf and Duane Henry's coat is open.

I'll give the director credit that when they are looking at stars there are no bright lights around them which is a mistake most of these movies make.

Reviewed by imdb-25288 6 / 10

I have never seen Melissa Joan Hart smile like EVER! So she DOES have teeth!

I have watched TV films with MJH before and I never once understood her appeal. She always has played her every part "itchy bee" (if you catch my drift, and if you don't, reverse the words) and her one expression was dull and her one emotion was ever exasperated. So much so that you think "what a miserable person, I would hate to have her in my life".

So I tune into this, because the man (lead actor) seemed very charismatic in the previews, and I did see MJH smile in them, so this I had to see! I'm 7 min in or less, she'd already snapped at someone. Then she remembered to smile. It seems like someone might have talked to her or she finally watched herself and realized "Why do I do this (scowl/frown at people/not smile all the time?" and "Would I enjoy watching myself in this film?" and realized she needed to change.

Well, folks! It worked. Her like-able quotient went thru the roof. The other thing I noticed right off the bat, is how pretty she looks. What happened to blonde women? You see them and you think they're blondes but their hair has turned to dull brown or mousey yellow. Not here. Beautiful blonde hair that flatters her coloring to perfection and I had never seen her look this gorgeous before! (Those blue eyes!) I saw another mention "soft light filter". Is that the reason for her flawless complexion? Well, girlfriend, whatever works, she looks stunning.

For the rest, most Lifetime movies are cheesy. This one actually has good production values (where are these crew people with all the boring Lifetime garbage reel they have been serving us? Hire these people, Lifetime!) Melissa has great chemistry with the actor (I have no idea what is name is or his character's and can't look it up without crashing this.) Well I like these two together. Melissa is even very sweet with his little boy, thank goodness! I'd hate to have "old MJH" give the little boy her default itchy bee face and exasperated attitude.

It is clear MJH has made a TREMENDOUS effort smiling and having a NICE disposition. She's pleasant. She easy on the eyes. She's a good actress. Sadly, the girl (the man's daughter) ruins this TV movie. Who cast her!? Who does casting at Lifetime?? You should know the one weakest link can and WILL ruin a movie. She's unpleasant, she has absorbed Melissa's former nasty demeanor and face and she's pulling the mean faces for the camera at every turn. Not only that, in many scenes she looks 34 instead of 12 (or however her character's age is supposed to be.)

For the rest, there's nice horsees. Melissa wears Larimar earring which I'm guessing are passing as Turquoise? (They're pale sky blue, turquoise is bright medium blue.) Some nice trees but where are the Montana mountains? Where swas this filmed?

Also my one, HUGE pet peeve with this Xmas movies? 1) Way TOO MUCH SUN!!! 2) WHERE IS THE SNOW? Can't they be filming now in anticipation of next year's run? Why do they have to film in (I'm guessing) July? It's distracting thinking how these poor (ok, rich) actors are sweltering in their 7 layers of puffer coats, sweaters, jackets, long johns and lumberjack shirts.

All in all, MJH is one of the strongest actresses for Lifetime. There were others, where have they gone? Possibly to feature films. But yeah, the 2 leads share the chemistry, the directing is good, the lighting is great, the camera angles good and the decor is alright. What else? I'm giving it a 6/10. It was a toss up between that and a 7. There's much room for improvement. Lifetime: take your time and do audition more actors of one same type! Unless it's nepotism, I have no idea why that girl beat out others for the part? She should have never been cast!

The stars scene was weird: a photo of fake stars looking like a bad baby-Pollack painting gone botched, with a silly shooting star and a too obvious day-for-night filter for Hart and companion.

Finally: a review in not a plot summary. There's no need to describe anything of what happens. I'm not Siskel nor Ebert, too many people would do well to move their pseudo-reviews to the appropriate pages, namely the plot pages. (If you've ever stopped by Adam 12 and read episode reviews, you'll get what I mean... one StrictlyConfidential is guilty of just that: never leaves their opinion, just describes a bit of what happens, really weird!)

Reviewed by ssc7 1 / 10

Soft light filter, really?

I like MJH, but the soft light filter was horrific and so distracting. Such a cliched movie. City Slickers meets Harlequin. The lead man was not good, his accent super over the top and the daughter was bad. Jamie wasn't too bad as well as the son. MT in winter haha, this was maybe early fall. I live here, no outdoor markets in December, no cold breath and Montanans don't dress that way ridimg a horse. Made us all laugh. Even at Dude ranches they don't talk like that either. Those rodeo belt buckless had me in stitches. So regardless of all the fake western stuff, zero chemistry, bad acting and lame story or lack there of. If you're looking for Holiday in Handcuffs, this isn't even close. Bummer was looking forward to this.

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