Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 55388

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Jennifer Lopez as Charlie
Adam Scott as Remy
Jane Fonda as Viola Fields
Amanda Wyss as Tina Gray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anaconda-40658 6 / 10

The Return of Fonda!

Monster-in-Law (2005): Dir: Robert Luketic / Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan, Wanda Sykes, Adam Scott: Emphasis seems to regard expectations. Jane Fonda returns to the screen after a fifteen year absence and plays a successful talk show host who is replaced by a younger woman. This has a bad affect on her sanity until her son arrives home with his girlfriend and announces their engagement. From there Fonda tries to sabotage the relationship until his fiancé retaliates. Typical setup follows formula faithfully until arriving exactly where we expect it too. Directed by Robert Luketic who previously made the underrated Win a Date With Tad Hamilton as well as the overrated Legally Blonde. Fonda is a welcome sight as she aids her frustration with alcohol, and Lopez plays a worthy target for her rage but they are reduced to a back and forth battle where one struggles to out scheme the other. Supporting roles unfortunately do not measure up. Michael Vartan as Fonda's son is flat. He is basically a prop that shakes his finger in their faces in the conclusion then telling them to kiss and make up. Wanda Sykes as Fonda's adviser has the best lines but the role is flat and uninteresting. Theme addresses close ties of parents and the inability to accept change within relationships in fear of losing touch. To bad someone didn't lose the script. Score: 6 / 10

Reviewed by wlawson60 5 / 10

The Legend And The Temp

I had such a thrill watching the unsinkable Jane Fonda making a wonderful fool of herself that I've actually saw it twice. The second time with my thumb on the fast forward. I've watched Jane's Viola interview that Brittany Spears clone many, many times. It's outrageously close to the knuckle and Fonda goes for it, body and soul. The problem resides elsewhere. I hope Jennifer Lopez has someone around her who can tell her the truth. She is so bad that the film can't recover from the heaviness of her romantic turns. She is the iceberg to this particular titanic. There is not a moment of sincerity in her entire performance and the fact that she is standing opposite one of the most truthful of actresses in the history of acting makes her appearance all the more jarring. Jane please, gives as more, Jennifer, go back to school.

Reviewed by arichmondfwc 3 / 10

The Fabulous Jane Fonda And The Dog Walker

Everyone I know went to see "Monster In Law" for Jane Fonda and in spite of J Lo. If you go with that spirit, you just may have a reasonable good time. I hadn't realized how much I missed Jane Fonda and how wonderful she is, she was she will always be. The film in itself is just too terrible for words. A showdown between a possessive mother and a dog walker. The script is unbelievable bad and the aforementioned Jennifer Lopez is, poor thing, atrocious. She has the lightness of an elephant and the charm of a blank page but, look at the billing...Jennifer Lopez right on top, above Jane Fonda. Ridiculous isn't it? But that's what, I imagine, marketing people decide. What a shame. If I had been Miss Lopez, I would have used my power to demand that Jane Fonda's name should appear above mine. I know, I live in a fantasy world of respect and, if nothing else, good manners. The film may turn out to be useful as a teaching tool. To show both actresses together for a how to and how not to. I'm sure Jennifer Lopez must have been told by someone that she has to cultivate her craft. Her voice, goodness! A jarring, shrilling clash of tonsils and nasal sounds. Too late to play cute, virginal girls. A dog walker indeed!

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