Monster Trucks


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 13559


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Rob Lowe as Reece Tenneson
Amy Ryan as Cindy
Barry Pepper as Sheriff Rick
Jane Levy as Meredith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ross-988-436610 10 / 10

Great fun for kids

I took my youngest child, six years old (nearly seven), to see this yesterday. He bounced around like Tigger the whole way through, and only paused to turn around once in a while to tell me "This is the best movie ever!" This coming from a boy who loves everything from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Top Gear (and Grand Tour), to Tractor Ted and Octonauts.

As an adult, it was a perfectly acceptable way to spend a couple of hours enjoying the company of my child. There's not a lot to the story, so if you've seen the trailer you won't be surprised. The monsters straddle the line well between being "monstrous" and cute (my boy acted suitably scared until it became clear that the monsters were on the good side, after which he loved them).

He came out of the cinema asking when it would be available on DVD, so on balance a glowing recommendation from a 6 year old and a warm fuzzy one from me.

Reviewed by ccman2 6 / 10

I'm not all that impressed.

At first, I thought this movie was going to be hilarious and action packed but it simply didn't come through. The simple idea was good but it just really didn't pan out. The plot couldn't figure out if it was going to be happy go lucky, a fantasy, a coming of age, or an action movie. Also, using sub-par actors didn't help those facts either. While a simple minded kid may enjoy the movie, regular adults probably won't. Maybe I'm thinking too critical about it because of its intended audience which was kids but it wasn't anything special. The idea is good though which is why I didn't rate it any worse. Get back to the drawing board and maybe this could be something that mounts to a good flick.

Reviewed by ElliesWonder 7 / 10

Great CGI but Typical Heroism


I usually rated it 7/10 in IMDb earlier, but I took 0.5 off after recalling the plot. It would be fun to watch in first time, especially in the theater, so thrilled to watch an adventure with flying cars and strange intelligent creatures. The monster even looks cute after getting used of its tentacles. Its visual effect was avant-garde, and still looking awesome after a year.

However, the plot is quite a cliche, it is a typical heroism presentation. What I disliked the most is not all the car crushing and explosion, it was the way how the leading character acts, Tripp, he was rude to treat others who trying to be nice to him, especially his girlfriend and friend. Heroism movie is always giving the wrong subconscious to people that an ordinary person can get something special one day, and win everything after a 'victory', and everyone around is willing to help without logic.

My roasting (Spoilers) In beginning, the rich nerd girlfriend offered Tripp help in their study group because Tripp was in bad grade, at the same time, Tripp was attracted by another hot girl and showed no appreciation but only annoying. Later, she unconditionally helped and supported Tripp tools and even followed him to the saving plan. Trust me, there is not a girl who is rich, smart and pretty would do, to pay for the upkeep relationship.

Anyway, this movie is fun to watch in somehow, if you want to watch an action movie with great CGI, this can be a choice.

Thanks for reading my review, just some random gripes that came to mind.

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