Monsters, Inc.


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 8.1 10 740750


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Jennifer Tilly as Celia
John Goodman as James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs
Bonnie Hunt as Flint
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ahill-1 10 / 10

Now here's a story children and adults can relate too. Monsters in the closet.

While monsters in the closet may seem to be a scary reality for some children, `Monsters, Inc.' makes it light hearted by showing them it's all in a night's work. The characters are as charming as the cast that speaks for them.

It's a learning experience children get to see how an industry works. Monsters, Inc. is an in-genius corporation that has scientifically learned how to channel children's screams into energy that is used for electrical power. It has monster employees, an assembly line of doors (which give monsters access to children's bedrooms), a top-flight training program and some of the top Monsters in the scaring business.

There's a colorful Metropolis, filled with houses, buildings, businesses, cars and everything that makes a city run smoothly along with a population of colorful creatures. One of the colorful groups of creatures is the yellow swat team. Their job is to protect the Metropolis of Monsters, Inc. from human contamination.

But what happens when a human child mysteriously gets through the bedroom door and terrorizes the city with screams and boo's. It's wondrous and funny. In the mist of all this is industrial crime, brought on by greed. But, the story ends on a very happy note.

John Goodman is the voice of `Sulley' a colorful large blue-green ape like monster who's the star Monsters, Inc. employee. He's some type of monster, cut, cuddly, and he has a conscience that leads him to feelings of regret about scarring children. He becomes attached to Boo (voice of Mary Gibbs) a cute, little big-eyed girl who is mysteriously brought to Monsters, Inc. and in his quest to return her home becomes very attached to her.

Sulley's best friend is Mike (voice of Billy Crystal) who's a funny looking green ball with stick legs and one huge eye. His comedy is seen through out the movie. Mike is Sulley's driving force, acting as his agent. Mike's job is to make sure Sulley remains the top Monsters, Inc. employee. But when it comes to laughter Mike proves he's on top.

Mike's girl friend Celia (voice of Jennifer Tilley) is the stylish employee who has Mike's best interest at heart. Her job is to keep him out of trouble.

I give Monsters, Inc. a ten. It is an animated movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It makes for great family fun.

Reviewed by carlsimpkins 10 / 10

Hilarious, cute, creative & heartwarming.

I thought this film was great! John Goodman did a great job with Sulley! Billy Crystal as Mike was hilarious!The jokes are great, the environment is great, the plot is great, the characters are great, & HECK................................THE ENTIRE FILM IS GREAT! It's great for both children & adults alike! It's my actually favorite animated film!

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 9 / 10

A very good animation

In a world full of monsters of all kinds, where all the power came from children's screams, a select few had the job of going into the human world to scare the little ones. Everything seems as normal as it can be for that place, until one day, a human child enters the monster world and is hidden by the two protagonists who don't actually know how to get rid of her fast enough before the authorities catches them all.

It's a one of a kind story which presents the adventures of two monsters who worked at the power factory and unwillingly get a human child at their feet. Being seen as toxic for the monster world, the child must be sent back to her world as soon as possible before the two get into trouble. Thus a cavalcade of funny and suspenseful action sequences emerge in their desperate attempt to make things right. As you might expect, not everything goes according to plan as they're about to find out a big scheme which might put their lives into peril.

As said before, it's full of action, thrill, emotion and comedy, managing to keep the bar raised throughout the movie. It looks great, it has a very good plot, it's very entertaining, so you'll definitely have a very good time watching it. It is also pretty unpredictable, thus being able to provide a satisfying finale. Everything is good and very good about it, but also not extraordinary, so it receives a big thumbs up and a great recommendation from my side.

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