Most Dangerous Game


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 3517

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Patrick Garrow as Construction Worker 3 episodes, 2020
Al Sapienza as Jerry Pierce 5 episodes, 2020
Aaron Poole as Connell 9 episodes, 2020
Jimmy Akingbola as Carter 4 episodes, 2020
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtai21 8 / 10

Very entertaining but I don't enjoy Quibi format

I enjoyed it. Each episode had plenty of action or suspense to keep you engaged. But this format has to keep high engagement to keep you coming back daily for 3 weeks.

However, I can't say I'm a fan of the Quibi format of 7-9 min daily episodes, or just waiting for the series to complete then binge watching. It makes for good bathroom viewing, I suppose, or if you need a quick break for the day. I don't think I'll be continuing with Quibi beyond the trial when there's already so many online viewing options. Quibi seems to be great for our attention deficit culture.

Reviewed by colahan 6 / 10

Movie made worse by Quibi

This isn't a show, it's a movie that no one was willing to distribute so Quibi purchased it for the original content. Then Quibi took a 2-hour movie and chopped it into 15, 7-8 minute "episodes", releasing 1 "episode" each weekday for 3 weeks. If I sound annoyed about spending 3 weeks to watch a mediocre movie then you're more perceptive than the people at Quibi. Movies and tv shows are typically written in 3 acts. A 30-minute show is actually 22-minutes of content after you remove the commercials, so divided by 3, each act is about 7-minutes. This format can work for tv. Do you like watching movies 7-8 minutes at a time? Maybe it's ok if I've seen the movie before, but it's hard to remember or care about the characters and their story. 7-8 minutes is barely enough time to form any emotional connection to what's happening. I think it could work if they drop the entire "show" at once, edited into the same 7-8 minute pieces, and then allow the viewer to stop or keep going. Releasing one "episode" per weekday takes that choice away from the viewer who might actually enjoy the movie, story, acting, etc more if they were able to view it as the filmmaker intended. All in all, the film isn't bad. It's corny (dialogue) and unoriginal (Running Man), but Waltz is awesome in everything and it's still a fun ride. Just prepare for this roller coaster to stop every 7 minutes and not start again for 24-72 hours (because weekends).

Reviewed by wrice81-637-81763 9 / 10


Based on a short story by the same name from 1924, this idea has been done alot! However there is something refreshing here and intriguing! Great cast! Good acting and the segments leave you wanting more. Looking forward to more from this "show"

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