Mr. Brooks


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 136756


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Danielle Panabaker as Jane Brooks
Kevin Costner as Mr. Earl Brooks
Demi Moore as Det. Tracy Atwood
William Hurt as Marshall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fredtee 8 / 10

A Primer on How to get Away with Murder

Very, very entertaining.

A primer on how to commit a murder and get away with it...with meticulous planning and execution.

Mr Brooks uses the vacuum cleaner in the house where he commits the murder. And a plastic bag to collect the gunpowder. He also removes the bullets from his victims.

Also a primer on how to blackmail should you witness and have evidence of a murder.

Killing with an axe, guns, a shovel, a pair of sciccors; its all here. All in good spirit, all in "fun."

Kevin Costner's acting is the very best he's done; he is so convincing that I now suspect a few suave and debonair people I know from my personal life to be serial killers.

I even like Demi Moore as the cop with the great hunches and the world's fastest reflexes, but always a few steps behind Mr. Brooks' murders. Worth $60 million with a father who thought she should have been born a son. You'd figure she can afford a sex change operation. Is that why she only wears pants, never a skirt to show off her legs?

Then there is Mr. Brooks' daughter. He loves her enough to kill for her, she loves him enough to kill him. Now, there is a REAL dynamic duo.

Reviewed by thejcowboy22 6 / 10

"Hello" POP POP!!!

We all have these inner demons in our brains suggesting what decisions to make with our temptations. Some demons suggest the extra snack or binge. Other voices in our brains suggest doing drugs or alcohol. Come on, one more drink or toke of a joint! Some get thrills or a rush out of stealing items from a store. Some voices even go as far as suggesting killing others. Mr. Brooks on the surface appears as straight and narrow as any established businessman. Portland, Oregon's MAN OF THE YEAR award winner at a lavish banquet with his Lovely spouse by his side. All picture perfect until we come to the ride home where you see Mr and Mrs. Brooks sitting in their car with a strange bald man in the back seat named Marshall (William Hurt) who suggests to Mr. Brooks that another killing should happen. The wife is oblivious to Marshall's presents. Mrs. Emma Brooks (Marg Helgenberger) cant see or hear him. Brooks suggest that they stop at a local Ice cream cafe for desert as Brooks looks upward into an apartment watching two lover for a potential double murder as the invisible Marshall tempts and taunts the frustrated Brooks. Brooks that evening sneaks out of his home and carries out his homicide. Wears special clothing, Plastic bag over gun with silencer attached, everything done to detail. Meticulous and methodical for the serial killer who enters the apartment opens the door and says Hello then fire two shots at each victim. Retrieve the shells and takes each victim and puts their bloody thumbprint on a lampshade.Vacuumed and cleans up the area thoroughly. The Police label this serial killer "The Thumbprint Killer". Everything done to detail except this time Brook's forgot to close the drapes as he's reminded by his alter ego Marshall. Marshall tells Brooks the adjacent apartment building would have potential witnesses watching. A few days later you see a nervous man waiting in the lobby of Brooks's business. Meanwhile Mr. Brooks has a daughter Jane (Danielle Panabaker), who enters his office with news of quitting College. Marshall by Brooks' side suggests she's hiding bigger news. Jane comes out with news of being pregnant meeting an older gentleman and wants an abortion to rectify things but Jane refuses to go back to school . Meanwhile our nervous friend is waiting to see Brooks as Mr. Smith give the compliant receptionist a sealed envelope of photos of Brooks by the window where he killed two lovers that faithful night. Brook's is surprised by Smith's unusual request which has nothing to do with shaking Brook's for money. Meanwhile the authorities are baffled by the the Thumbprint killer as or story shifts to Police Detective Atwood (Demi Moore) who is obsessed with this particular case. Atwood's personal life intertwines with this story plus more bad news about daughter Jane as she is in more hot water involved in a homicide. Three stories connect in a two hour thriller. Some might say the coincidences ruin the movie but the editing and quick scenes keep you from falling asleep. Personally I'm not a fan of the acting skills of Costner but I do enjoy his scripts/story lines, i.e. No Way Out, Bull Durham, Field Of Dreams and JFK. Costner was very unpretentious, quite reserved maintains a coolness to this role. Dane Cook plays a frustrated tag along and Demi Moore plays the baffled gum shoe always three steps behind the killer. Demi personally is not a likable character in most of her movies but when it come's to divorce lawyers, I'm rooting for Demi. William Hurt, "the alter ego" puts you right into the thought process of our main character, the serial killer Brooks. Costner's best work to date. Oh by the way, what's the name of your voice in your head?

Reviewed by mattkratz 8 / 10

interesting combination of stories

The main focus of this movie was on Kevin Costner's performance as Mr. Earl Brooks, a successful businessman who has just won Man of the Year and has a loving family and he also harbors a dark secret-he's a serial killer known as The Thumbprint killer. He ordinarily wouldn't do it but he's addicted to it. He tries to swear it off but gets blackmailed into it by "Mr. Smith," who happened to photograph him during his latest kill and demands to be taken along for the ride. Meanwhile, investigating officer Demi Moore has a mess of a personal life and is also investigating another serial killer.

I enjoyed the intelligent script and performances. There was plenty of suspense and good supporting cast. You will like this one.

*** out of ****

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