Mr. Holland's Opus


Action / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Alicia Witt as Gertrude Lang
Terrence Howard as Louis Russ
Forest Whitaker as Bobby Tidd - Adult
William H. Macy as Vice Principal Gene Wolters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Avarhorn Focker 10 / 10

The intrinsic value

Without doubt,Mr Holland's Opus,is a reminder that not all heroes wear capes.The true beauty of this film is in how it is paced correctly to tell a story of a man,and how this man without trying to ,touched others lives in a profound fashion,due to his one passion,music,teaching music is one of the five keys of life,and this film should be required inspirational must watch while being educated for all students world wide in my humble view,it gently reminds us of the consequences of war,yet does not dwell too long,Richard Dreyfuss is talent beyond talent,possibly the only reason he did not win the Oscar for best actor in this 1995 tale ,is quite possibly due to the fact that an Oscar for this performance,was simply not a fitting accolade to suit,or in other words,this story is in a class of its own as is the performance he delivered,so any award would be superfluous,such are the lessons to be learnt within,I passed my love of this film on to my children,for to do other would be a disservice as a parent.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 8 / 10

A Nice Movie About the Importance of the Arts in Schools

I like the intent behind this film. Having been a teacher for well over forty years, I know that there is a serious connection between success in school and life and arts education. This is a story of a dedicated teacher (although he is dedicated to the exclusion of just about anything else, including his family). He is played by Richard Dreyfuss and he does quite well, although Dreyfuss seems to play the exact same personality in just about everyone of his films. He touched on classical music before as a young pianist in "The Competition" with Amy Irving. Of course, his superhuman portrayal is almost a bit beyond the efforts of the most dedicated teachers. The one thing I do have trouble with is his close relationship with a couple female students. I know that even in the time of this film, Mr. Holland may not have an opus; he would have had another number in front of his picture. He was playing with fire. But all that aside, it portrays an excited, dedicated person who touched the lives of others.

Reviewed by tomsview 10 / 10

Living with the sadness as well as the joy

I can't think of too many movies that transition so beautifully over a long period of time. 30 years in the case of "Mr Holland's Opus".

Much of this is down to Richard Dreyfuss as Mr Holland. He seems to age in an unselfconscious manner, covering not only the time span, but also the emotional range.

Mr Holland starts out a little self-focused, but grows in character as he overcomes the hurdles life throws up. He wanted to be a composer, but becomes a music teacher. From an ordinary teacher he becomes a good one and then an inspirational one. His dreams for his only child are shattered, but eventually their relationship becomes stronger through adversity. As he begins to take his wife for granted, he is drawn to a young student whose freshness contrasts with the difficult period he is experiencing. However, he realises where his heart lies, and his relationship with his wife is strengthened.

There are many lump in the throat moments in the film, because it's so easy to relate to.

No doubt liberties were taken with some of Mr Holland's teaching methods, but the film celebrates a love of music as was Mr Holland's intention with his students.

Along with the music of the era, Michael Kamen's score carries us seamlessly through the highs and the lows. I'm sure any film composer would have loved to have composed the music for the film as it is more integral to the story than most scoring assignments.

Richard Dreyfuss has obviously handled some demons in his life, but he has also made some profound observations on the art of acting and filmmaking that sum it up better than just about anyone I've ever heard.

His intuition and insightfulness helped him bring Mr Holland to life.

"Mr Holland's Opus" captures a truth that was summed up perfectly by Elia Kazan in discussing the work of playwright William Inge, "He had learned from his own life that you have to accept limited happiness, because all happiness is limited, and to expect perfection is the most neurotic thing of all; you must live with the sadness as well as the joy."

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