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Daniel Craig as Steve
Ayelet Zurer as Daphna
Geoffrey Rush as Ephraim
Eric Bana as Avner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

One Way Street Of Vengeance

Film Review: "Munich" (2005)

Based on the book "Vengeance" by writer/historian George Jonas (1935-2016), published in 1984 on subjectively-as-professionally-researched circumstances of 20th Olympic Summer Games Assassinations of Israeli sports men in the year 1972 in Munich (Bavaria, Germany), comes this cold-blooded thriller unusual as uncompressed directed by Steven Spielberg, who realizes an utmost-structured screenplay by playwright Tony Kushner and dramatically-polished by screenwriter Eric Roth in order to miss-out in full circle motion picture satisfactions in favor of strangleholding audiences.

The Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Pictures LLC film distributes in late release after months of production in holiday season 2005/2006, when cinematic landscape took turns to a majority of daring films in terms of the human condition ranging from homosexuality in "Brokeback Mountain" directed by Ang Lee to late recognitions on authority misconducts in "Crash" directed by Paul Haggis, when "Munich" had to had been dealing with killings, loss and consequences on the human condition, when nevertheless the picture also-received nominations for Best Picture and Best Director among five nominated categories in total at the 78th Academy Award Ceremony in March 2006 in Los Angeles, California; where fulminate sound design by industrial legend Ben Burtt got overstepped in favors of an highly-accomplished, yet tiring 160-Minute-editorial due to following up to 10 assassinations with bullets, handmade-bombs and no-close-range knife combat-given,by Spielberg's homestead-editor of trust Michael Kahn, who interweaves three flashbacks on the thematic 1972 Olympia assassinations, when leading actor Eric Bana as the character Avner, gets put on a train of restraint emotions by his director, where only a seven and a half minute center scene at running time 1h 17mins 30sec accompanying supporting cast Mathieu Almaric and Michael Lonsdale as spy game enterprising couple of father and son share the some light of a better world in a throughout pessimistic, ultra-darkly-received action thriller.

The left-alone sentiments by leading character's Brooklyn-bound wife Daphna, portrayed by naturalistic as seemingly-sympathetic actress Ayelet Zurer, can hardly save this one-way-street motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg, when production company DreamWorks Pictures LLC puts its last effort in coming to terms with Hollywood Major Universal Studios after neglecting unless fortunate studio beginnings with "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" in 1997; concluding in the "Munich" film's memorable cross-cutting, climactic montage of 3 minutes, portraying never seen before visual relations between the sexual act of male on female in relations to acts of violence.

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Reviewed by willowwear00 3 / 10

Spielberg's Bitburg

Towards the end of Reagan's second term, he agreed to visit and lay flowers at an SS cemetery in Germany. Most people thought this was morally wrong but he did it anyway. Now Reagan was a good man and a great POTUS, but he went to hell because of this abomination.

Spielberg will join Reagan in hell for MUNICH. For a famous Jew to make a movie in which he strikes a moral equivalence between people who murdered Olympians in cold blood because they were Jewish and the people who sought to bring these murderers to justice is also an abomination. So why did Spielberg do it? Because he is much more liberal than Jewish.

The movie itself is OK. 3 stars for the cinematography and acting, but the movie reeks of cowardice and duplicity. At least the Academy didnt reward this abomination with major awards.

Reviewed by rupak_speaking 8 / 10

A Spielberg Masterpiece

There are basically three types of movies, ones which simply entertain in its running time, ones which fail to achieve that objective and ones which stay with you long after it is over. This certainly is in the third category. A chilling tale of Munich Olympic killings and the eliminations of its perpetrators aftermath, this movie drives home a point or two. The conversations between Avner and Ali and then again of Avner and Carl bring forward those arguments while the agents go about the pursuit of their targets. Despite its length, the movie is thoroughly engaging with top-notch performances from all, but hard to not mention of Mathieu Amalric and Ciarán Hinds in their respective roles. Tension was acutely palpable in the assassination scenes; and as a viewer, one would experience the journey they go through hunting down their targets and could relate to their resolve being weakened and fatigued as they go from one part of the globe to other to complete their mission and getting hunted themselves. Spielberg's take on Operation Wrath of God is dark, realistic and gripping to say the least. The infusion of the Godfather-like character of Papa to the story may have been an improvisation in the script but that much liberty can be given to this great director. Nothing less than 8/10 for this Spielberg masterpiece.

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