Daddy Long Legs


Musical / Romance

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Fred Astaire as Jervis Pendleton III
Leslie Caron as Julie Andre
Thelma Ritter as Alicia Pritchard
Sara Shane as Pat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

An Irresistible Force, An Immovable Object

Jean Webster's novel Daddy Long Legs has certainly been popular enough ever since it was written in 1912. First a play the following year that starred a young Ruth Chatterton, than film versions with Mary Pickford as a silent and an early sound film starring Janet Gaynor. There was even a Dutch language version in the Thirties and a couple of years back South Korea filmed a version of the story. Still the best known one is the one with the singing and dancing of Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron.

Johnny Mercer who can well lay claim to being the greatest lyricist America ever produced occasionally wrote the music as well for some songs, an example being I'm An Old Cowhand. Another one he did both music and lyrics for is Dream which was interpolated into this otherwise original score and sung by the Pied Pipers. Mercer did music and lyrics for the rest of the score as well which included the Oscar nominated Something's Gotta Give for Best Song. It lost in 1955 to Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.

I've got a feeling that Jean Webster took as her inspiration for the Daddy Long Legs Story the marriage of Grover Cleveland. The future President of the United States was practicing law in Buffalo, New York when his law partner, one Oscar Folsom, was killed in a carriage accident leaving a widow and small daughter. Cleveland took over the guardianship and raised young Frances Folsom and when he was president in his first term he married young Ms. Folsom when she came of age in the White House.

In this updating of the story, Fred Astaire is a millionaire diplomat on a trade mission to France after World War II. The car breaks down near an orphanage and while there spots and becomes enchanted with young Leslie Caron. He becomes her unseen benefactor, putting her through college in America and she calls him, Daddy Long Legs. Of course like the Clevelands the March/July romance commences.

Daddy Long Legs gave Darryl Zanuck an opportunity to try and respond to MGM's classic ballet in An American In Paris, where not coincidentally Leslie Caron danced with Gene Kelly. In an incredible generosity of spirit it's not Fred who dances, but Caron. In her fantasy Astaire just ambles through. It's a nice number but doesn't come close to what Kelly achieved. It's interesting to speculate what might have happened had Fred danced here.

Thelma Ritter has some nice lines herself as the usual wisecracking girl Friday and for once Fred Clark is a good guy as Astaire's factotum. That must have been a welcome change for him.

If you should be with your beloved watching Daddy Long Legs, you can bet as sure as you live, Something's Gotta Give, Something's Gotta Give, Something's Gotta Give.

Reviewed by overseer-3 10 / 10

A delicious French-American concoction

I love this movie, have watched it countless times, never tire of it...except for one part: the dream sequence near the end. It's kind of tedious and I always fast forward it to the cute ending. I think it is neat that Fred wanted Leslie Caron for the part of Julie (Jerusha in the book) instead of Mitzi Gaynor. The movie would have been a dud with anyone else but Leslie in the ingenue role. She is just darling. The best scene is "Something's Gotta Give". That is one classy song and one classy scene. It has more sex appeal and chemistry than most modern romantic movies can muster.

Just one more note: Fred Clark and Thelma Ritter are quite funny, together and apart. I like the interplay between them and Fred's character Jervis, and some of the dialogue makes me burst out laughing each time I see it. Overall good 1950's musical. I liked it better than Funny Face because the character Audrey Hepburn played in that film rubbed me the wrong way. Leslie is just as sweet as a sugar plum fairy in contrast.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10

Astaire & Caron, incompatible in their "Sluefoot" dance!

In 1955, Fred Astaire appeared in his first and only Fox film, a musical remake of Jean Webster story 'Daddy Long Legs.' He played a carefree millionaire who anonymously befriends and comes to love a young French orphan... This was the 3rd version of Jean Webster's popular novel...

Filmed in 1919 as a vehicle for Mary Pickford and again in 1931 with Janet Gaynor and Warner Baxter, the story seemed more old and picturesque for the mid-fifties... As usual, 20th Century Fox gave it a lavish production to hide its age, and photographed it in De Luxe Color and CinemaScope... Musical numbers include: "Hong Kong," "Texas Millionaire," "International Playboy," "Guardian Angel," Sluefoot," "Welcome Egghead," and "Dream."

Leslie Caron was cast opposite Fred Astaire as the helpless orphan who falls for her patron..

Astaire and Caron dance together on several occasions, but not always successfully.. It is not the difference in their ages but their contrasting expressive styles that cause the lack of harmony... Astaire's unique style was his ability to mix Tap and ballroom with grace and ease... Astaire had an air of style, sophistication and gay spontaneity... Caron was spectacularly charming... She dances beautifully... She had passion, a complete commitment to her art and the power to communicate through movement...

The high-point of the film is their "Sluefoot" dance, where they seem to be incompatible..

Astaire's best number is his song and dance to the wonderful Johnny Mercer song 'Something Gotta Give.'

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