Murph: The Protector


Action / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timlin-4 3 / 10

Not a good documentary

Of course there is going to be a tendency to rate a documentary about a fallen war hero highly, but this one is mediocre. It focuses mostly on trivial details of Murphy's childhood as told by family and friends, but there is not much material covering the last years of his adult life. True, most people don't live documented lives, and he worked in the shadows, but we don't hear from his fiancée or even Mr. "Lone Survivor" Luttrell. Several times the filmmaker juxtaposes individual interviews of Murphy's father and mother telling the same story in almost the same words, which might be cute once, but later becomes annoying. Wow, they are a married couple who have told the story several times together before, but we really don't need to hear it twice! The most interesting part was finding out that Murphy's suburban lawyer dad is himself a survivor of a hellish combat experience. The director's worst decision was to intersperse scenes of a random doctor and his parents throughout the the documentary without context. Though it may seem like there is going to be a reveal about how he treated Murphy or some momentous way in which their destinies crossed, it turns out he just received a scholarship in Murhpy's name. Nobody cares about this doctor at all, and it's silly to use a scholarship as proof that "something good came out of it"

Reviewed by tain-5 3 / 10


The whole film is about what a nice guy he was and what a senseless death he died. You know it from the start as everyone is talking about him in past tense but you expect some heroic deed, and although they refer to him as a hero at the end, there is nothing heroic ever mentioned that he did. You wait but nope. It would seem that it is just another case of a victim being glorified to make people feel better about it and recruit more to take his place. Disappointing sentimental drivel.

This requirement of having 10 lines is silly, some films just don't have that much dept to them and this is the case here. Only further thing to add at this point would be spoilers.

Reviewed by plon31 1 / 10

Total Garbage!!!

Boring, monotonous and mediocre with endless drivel. Get ready for over an hour of sheer ass kissing and hero worship! American propaganda and BS at its best! I have no doubt that Murphy is a brave guy, but this so called "Documentary" is absolutely ridiculous, and sets a new standard for cheap and trashy hero worship! Seriously, according to this film Murphy was a saint who could walk on water! This Doco makes Captain America look like a pussy! I respect the guy and the sacrifices he made, but there is only so much cheesy and overt trash i can stand! No doubt most redneck Americans will love this rubbish, but for the rest of us people, i suggest you give it a miss. Or keep a vomit bucket handy. Enjoy!

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