Jupiter's Moon


Drama / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Techpriest 1 / 10

100% puge propaganda.

This movie is just 100% propaganda. It's shot in a decent way and such but still, it'll make the stomachs turn of everyone even remotely read up on things happening in the world.

They demonize the people who take in -millions- of refugees. And if you trace the funding you'll notice it's from left wing extremist political stations.

A little note at the end with just how bad the countries that have taken these people in have gotten in terms of serious crime... might have rectified the solid propaganda a bit and shed some illumination on how the reality of things actually is.

Absolutely disgusting.

Reviewed by Nummer9 1 / 10

All you need to know

The moment i read the story about "syrien refugee gets superpowers" i looked for something. I knew for 100% it will be there somewhere at the end of the movie. And i found it of course.

The fundings: Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (german government subsidies), Medienboard (german government subsidies), Film und Medienstiftung NRW (german government subsidies)

An hungarian movie was financed by three different german government sources.

And that is all you need to know if you had any doubt that this is not pure propaganda.

Reviewed by homalyzona 1 / 10

Warning this movie is a work of far left agitprop

In all fairness the movie fairs fairly well in terms of cinematography. But so does the Triumph des Willens or Der Ewige Jude. Because this is movie falls into the exact same genre as those. Extremist political propaganda. A bag of utter hate mongering lies. Right from the very beginning. Literally. The opening scene shows a group of Syrian migrants being chased by Hungarian police as they are trying to cross the Hungarian border illegally. Then the antagonist character a Hungarian detective shoots the hero (the young Syrian man who is so pure and innocent and special that some higher power resurrects and turns him into some flying saint like living miracle). Then later or they show a bunch of other migrants from the same group laying around dead being put into body bags. How they died, the movie won't tell. Now the thing is that out of the over 1.5 million 3rd world migrants from around 100 different countries who illegally and violently broke into Europe in 2015 and 2016 there was only a singular recorded case of police opening fire on them when Slovakian police wounded but not killed a Syrian female migrant. One case. No case however where a migrant actually got killed by any kind of police or armed forces in all of Europe is known. But the creators of this agitprop trash could not care less about the facts or reality itself for that matter. They tell a tale of a genocide committed by Hungarians because that sells well and serves their political agenda. The rest of the movie isn't any better than the opening scene by the way. It depicts Hungarians and other Europeans as a bunch of heartless, corrupt, decadent mean scum throughout the movie. It even goes as far as smearing the Bible itself with another lead character Dr Stern calling it a book where children are slaughtered, people are tortured and extra-marital sex is promoted. Shame on you people who created this outrage and shame on the Hungarian Film Foundation for supporting a left fascist anti European, anti Hungarian, anti Christian propaganda movie with over 3 million dollars.

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