The Killer Is Loose


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller

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Rhonda Fleming as Lila Wagner
Joseph Cotten as Detective Sam Wagner
Michael Pate as Detective Chris Gillespie
Stafford Repp as State Police Capt. Lyle Snow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgmax 9 / 10

Terrific, perverse unknown B noir

Although Andrew Sarris italicized it in the list of Boetticher's films in The American Cinema (meaning he recognized it as one of the more notable films on the list), I've never run across any critical comment on this film. Nevertheless, it's a real discovery-- imagine Cape Fear with Wally Cox in the Mitchum role and you get some idea. Corey (who usually played stiff bureaucrats and cops himself) gets the role of his life as a mild-mannered clerk turned crook who becomes unhinged and escapes with the plan to kill the cop who sent him up. What's creepy about him is that, like Norman Bates, he never even raises his voice-- and like Norman Bates, eventually he winds up in a dress (oh, it seems logical enough as a disguise, but it introduces an unmistakable air of sexual confusion and perversity into the violent climax that catapults the film into Fullerian ranks of psychosexual luridness). And if you want to know what Brian dePalma's been trying to do all these years with movies like Blow Out and Snake Eyes, just watch how effortlessly Boetticher plays out the climax over walkie-talkies (a sequence to rival Touch of Evil).

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

A Budd Boetticher B

"The Killer is Loose" is a 1956 B film directed by Budd Boetticher, and it's pretty good. It stars Wendell Corey as Leon Poole, a man who is working in a bank when a robbery occurs. It doesn't take long for the police to determine that he's the inside man. They go to his house to arrest him, and he refuses to answer the door, shooting through it. The police break in, the lights are off, and Detective Wagner (Joseph Cotten) sees a form emerging from the bedroom and shoots, killing Poole's wife. When Poole is sentenced, he promises to pay Wagner back for killing her.

I've never understood what happened to Joseph Cotten's career, but by the '50s, he was appearing in B movies after being part of so many important films in the '40s. He's good in this, as is the beautiful Rhonda Fleming, who plays his wife. Corey is excellent as Poole, a disturbed man with a flat affect; he never knew any happiness until he got married and goes crazy when his wife is taken from him.

Good noir.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 8 / 10

Monk on the wrong side of the law

For those of you who are fans of the TV show Monk, The Killer Is Loose just might be a film to see. The film belongs to Wendell Corey in the title role.

Now I'm not saying that Corey's character is anything like the lovable, multi-phobic Adrian Monk. For one thing, Monk is on the right side of the law. But in the way that Monk was so fanatically attached to his late wife who was killed it strikes a similar note in me when I watched this film and Wendell Corey's performance.

The film begins with a bank holdup in which teller Corey tries to stop the bandits and is pistol-whipped. These guys however left a number of clues that point to an inside man. Police detectives Joseph Cotten and Michael Pate put a tap on all suspects. The tap points the finger at Corey as the inside man.

But in trying to take him, Pate is wounded and then Cotten fires through the closed door. When they open the door it's Corey's wife that is dead and Corey numbly and meekly surrenders to the police.

At his sentence Corey vows vengeance and later on much into his sentence he's given the honor farm for good behavior and kills a guard in his escape. He told cell-mates he was going to kill Rhonda Fleming who is Cotten's wife in retaliation.

The key scene in the film is when he holds his former army sergeant John Larch and his wife Dee Thompson as hostages while he figures how to get to Cotten. While they were in the service Larch did not really hold Corey in high regard in any case. He starts talking about his past and basically that he'd been an amiable screw-up, never really amounting to anything. The one person in his life, the one good thing he had was his marriage. His wife apparently was a lot like Trudy Monk, able to put up with a lot of insecurities. Like Monk, his whole world was shattered when she was killed.

Corey is a frighteningly ordinary man which makes his psychotic behavior all the more frightening.

Director Budd Boetticher, known primarily for those Randolph Scott westerns, gets a good performance out of the cast. But the film is dominated by Wendell Corey. It's a really good B noir film and shouldn't be missed.

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