The Omen



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Liev Schreiber as Robert Thorn
Julia Stiles as Katherine Thorn
Michael Gambon as Bugenhagen
David Thewlis as Keith Jennings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sharkey197 2 / 10

Save your money--rent the original

I wanted to like this remake. I really did. But I can't and the reasons--like Satan--are Legion.

You never realize how important good movie music is until you can compare two films with similar stories and different scores and realize that the original gave you such creepy, stunning music that what is in the remake can never compare. Sorry, but it just can't. If they copied so much else from the original, why not the score? It was vital.

Liev and Julie are just not interesting enough or grounded enough to be able to root for. And who cares that there are allusions to their marriage being a little rocky? Hello! We don't care about that! We want to know about the AntiChrist Kid you adopted, so don't get off on side issues that don't advance this plot.

And what's with having the priest actually say "his mother was a jackal" right at the beginning of the film???? That was one of the best suspense builders in the original. Was it because they didn't think we would understand what a jackal was? The worst was Liev giving him a serious look, as if to say, "hmm, must take this under advisement." And the decapitation of the reporter was BETTER in the original. It was done from the side, in slow-motion, and then the head rolled and landed at Gregory Peck's feet, a chilling sequence which we knew was coming and they built up to it with agonizing slowness. The new one had more blood, but no horror. It was cheesy, instead of scary.

And please--this little kid, who everyone said was so much better than the original acted the part as if he had a sign in neon on his forehead saying, "Hi, I'm the AntiChrist Kid!" Talk about telegraphing.

All in all, this remake was pointless. Maybe the devil can't scare us that much anymore, but the next time I see a remake, I will certainly run for the hills.

Reviewed by randomStuff101 6 / 10

Not as good or evil as the original.

I really liked the original Omen. It didn't need to be re-made. There is nothing that modern film-making has brought to this film to make it stand out against the original. It's not as scary, not as honest or raw. The original film is genuinely disturbing -- from the dogs, to the nanny, to Damien... this modern remake just isn't as convincing. It has it's moments, and isn't that terrible, but there's an annoying distance, or separation between the subject matter and the film. It's too clean, too polished... it just isn't evil enough.

The music is not as good, the deaths are not as disturbing. But should we judge this film on its own merits? No, because it's a carbon copy remake. There is very little new material worth mentioning.

The only positive thing to say is that for anyone who hasn't seen the original, it's worth a look -- on DVD. But even then I'd recommend the original.

Reviewed by sigiam2 7 / 10

Just saw a press screening Fri June 2

In a nutshell, if you've never heard of the original or are unaware of the storyline, the average horror film lover will enjoy this flick. If however you saw/liked the original, you'll likely still enjoy it..but you'll know exactly what's coming next because it is very faithful to the original. In fact, in most scenes, it's a line-by-line remake, and many camera shots are virtually identical to the 1976 version. What has changed is that Damien's parents are younger, and it's been updated to reflect a contemporary world of today. Also, the screenwriter decided to throw in 9/11 and recent disasters as indicators that the Armageddon is on it's way via Damien Thorne. (SPOILERS FOLLOW) There are elements of "Final Destination", but the original Omen was in fact the first to play with this type of death scene(s), where things mysteriously happen to people through strange accidents,etc. Having said that, these scenes are a little different from the original (most of them anyway) and again, as a horror fan, you'll enjoy the fact that they don't pull any punches graphically.

Acting wise, the film was somewhat weak - particularly Mia Farrow's performance. In an fitting homage to Rosemary's Baby, Farrow is cast as Mrs.Baylock, the satanic disciple, summoned to protect the Devil's son (in a sense, like her character in Rosemary's Baby)Damien Thorne, in the form of a nanny. I found that she was not nearly as creepy and menacing as the original actress. Julia Stiles was not strong either, and Schrieber was OK. The kid who plays Damien isn't bad, but it's just another brooding kid role with few lines so it's tough to screw that up.

Visually i loved this film, and a few sequences in particular were very very well done. As for the scares, there aren't many at all, and a few could be seen coming a mile away (dream sequence/mirror open then shuts to see apparition in rear,etc..) I did jump physically in one sequence where i wasn't expecting it (which i won't mention specifically so it may surprise you too).

So, it was an entertaining 2 hours. Nothing terribly new, and not as creepy or Gothic as the first one. In a way, i was hoping it might go in a different direction, but perhaps, it's the producers' ultimate compliment to the original - keep it very similar,just updating it for a new generation of horror fans. Recommended.

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