The Golem



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kerroys 10 / 10

Great little movie!

Ignore the bad reviews, this little gem is atmospheric and creepy with a historical feel. I'm a jaded horror fan and this one stuck with me for a while.

Reviewed by ryansiath 6 / 10

not bad

The movie was a bit slow, but the acting was great, and the sets and cinematography were spot on. there was nothing new as far as horror tropes go, but i enjoyed watching!

Reviewed by terrencepatrix 4 / 10

Pretty lackluster

This movie was well shot, well acted, and the special effects were adequate. The plot, action, and horror were all just missing for the majority of the movie. The story is really simple, it's centered around a small Jewish community in Europe during the 1700's when a bout of plague starts ravaging a neighboring community of Catholic's. The Catholic's blame the plague on Jewish "magic" basically because their community was left untouched due to how remote and segregated their lifestyles are.

Well an angry mob of Catholic's arrive with a very sick child and demand the Jewish folk cure her or face death. One of the towns folk takes it upon herself to summon the Golem, an ancient protector formed out of clay and tasked with defending the Jewish people. Which it...kinda does?

So far everything is fine, simple and easy to understand as that's essentially the whole plot. The problem is almost NOTHING happens for the majority of the movie and it's extremely slow paced. When the "horror" finally happens there's only about 10 minutes of movie left and they rush right through it without showing much of it. And then it ends.

So not terrible, but that's the best review I can personally write without giving any spoilers. It's watchable but you're not missing anything if you skip it.

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