Mystery Men


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Ben Stiller as Mr. Furious
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Geoffrey Rush as Casanova Frankenstein
Doug Jones as Pencilhead
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 4 / 10

Bob Burden's great comic and a terrific cast are wasted on an unfunny script

I'm a huge fan of comic book writer/artist Bob Burden. The Flaming Carrot by Burden remains my favorite comic of all-time. The Mystery Men was a spinoff series from The Flaming Carrot, about a league of second tier super heroes of which The Carrot was a member. The story concept of wannabe superheroes and villains is ripe for comedy, since self-serious comic book movies are ripe for satire, but what ends up on screen here sadly is not all that funny or biting. The humor of the comic books were decidedly absurdist and wildly funny if you appreciate that sense of humor, but the humor of the film is much more conventional and revolves more around silly super powers, purposefully corny dialogue, and fart jokes. The film is only made watchable by virtue of it's stellar cast (William H. Macy as The Shoveler, Hank Azaria as Blue Raja, Janeane Garofalo as The Bowler, Paul Reubens as The Spleen Ben Stiller as Mr. Furious, Wes Studi as The Sphinx, Geoffrey Rush as Casanova Frankenstein, Lena Olin as Dr. Anabel Leek, Eddie Izzard as Tony P, Artie Lange as Big Red, Claire Forlani as Monica, Tom Waits as Doc Heller, Louise Lasser as Violet, Ricky Jay as Vic Weems, Dane Cook as The Waffler, Doug Jones as Pencilhead, Dana Gould as Squeegeeman). Greg Kinnear also appears in the film as the one top tier superhero, Captain Amazing, who when he is captured by villains, the Mystery Men have to step up to save him and Champion City. The film also includes odd cameos and bit parts by Michael Bay, Mark Mothersbaugh, Riki Rachtman, CeeLo Green, Jody Watley,, Doug Jones, and Dana Gould. The film was (over) directed by commercial director Kinka Usher, who has since directed no other feature films, but I think a majority of the film's failure lies with the script by Neil Cuthbert, who's other writing credits include the notable Eddie Murphy bomb, "The Adventures of Pluto Nash." According to IMDB, Danny DeVito was at one point set to direct and star as The Shoveller, and I can't help but think DeVito would have embraced the absurdist humor of the source material and would have consequentially made a much better film. Instead, we're left with a barely watchable comedy that feels like a sadly missed opportunity. If you do want a GOOD comedy about second tier superheroes, watch James Gunn's underrated "The Specials" or his darker superhero comedy "Super" instead.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 8 / 10

The Avengers they are not

It's hard to imagine a year go by where you don't see someone in a latex body-stocking flying through the sky while buildings crumble all around them. Or, in other words, a superhero movie. Marvel's dominance reigns supreme these days and DC does its best to mop up any gap in the filmic calendar year that Marvel don't already have a stranglehold on. However, back in the 'olden days' of 1999, just dressing someone up in a silly costume wasn't enough to guarantee a billion dollars at the Box Office. That's probably why 'Mystery Men' never really made much of an impact back then and only really fills a niche gap in the market today. We're introduced to a world of superheroes, or rather ONE superhero – the unsubtly-titled 'Captain Amazing' – a man who has dedicated his life to protecting the city from wrong-doers and has therefore enjoyed all the lucrative benefits that come with it, i.e. corporate sponsorship and women. In fact, he's protected the city so well that there's hardly a super villain left worthy enough to take him on. So, while he spends much of his time as his (completely unrecognisable, glasses-wearing) alter-ego, it's up to another band of 'heroes' to mop up the few thieves still daring to snatch old ladies' purses. However, these heroes are anything but 'super.' Their 'powers' are unusual at best. We have a man who gets angry to the point of, er, being very angry. A man who puts on a fake British accent while he throws forks and a guy who hits people with a shovel. Not a Batarang to be seen among them! Nowadays, when you look at the cast of 'Mystery Men' it almost reads like a who's who of Hollywood. Yet, back then all the stars seemed to be faces who you kind of knew because you'd seen them before in… oh, you know… it was him out of that thing on TV. You have Ben Stiller, William H Macy, Greg Kinnear, Eddie Izzard and Geoffrey Rush to name but a few. It's a pretty impressive ensemble, so I always wondered why it was never bigger than it seemed to be. I guess at the time people may have thought it was a superhero movie and, due to the public seemingly thinking that all superhero movies were like 'Batman and Robin' they stayed away, plus Ben Stiller's star hadn't quite peaked back then, so it couldn't ride on his future post 'Something About Mary' popularity. Plus it might be difficult to market, as, on first inspection, you could be mistaken for thinking it was a 'proper' superhero film, i.e. complete with giant budget and epic action set-pieces. Then again, if you look closely at the silly costumes and the fact that one woman is using the skull of her father inside a 'magic' bowling ball as a weapon, you could be forgiven for thinking that it's a straight comedy. However, again, it may have many funny moments, but you wouldn't call it a 'laugh-a-minute' ride.

'Mystery Men' is one of those films that dips in and out of various genres. Personally, I'd call it a 'satire of the superhero genre.' Now, I enjoy both DC and Marvel's current crops so I like to think I'm well up on the various conventions and clichés associated with the genre. Therefore, when I watch 'Mystery Men' I can appreciate how much work has gone into lampooning it. However, when it was released the genre it was parodying wasn't established enough to really sell this movie. If you're looking for something that takes a satirical, yet loving, swipe at all things superhero-related, then you should definitely check this out. Don't expect total action. Don't expect outright comedy. Expect a subtle blend of the two. If you've ever read the cult comic 'Astro City' you'll know the tone of this film.

Reviewed by ShadowWalkingSchemer 5 / 10

Good comedy with okay action.

Mystery Men is a parody of superhero movies. If the current plethora of serious movies are not your cup of tea, then Mystery Men might be what you need.

Of the entire cast, The Shoveler, the Bowler and Blue Raja were the most memorable characters. In particular, I liked seeing the Bowler interact with her father via the bowling bowl, plus some of her lines were hilarious to listen to. 'No, the guy at the pro-shop did it.' Heck, a lot of the dialogue in the movie had me laughing. It's easily one of Mystery Men's strong points.

However, the fight scenes could have been better. 'The superheroes with lame powers' premise should have been played up to ridiculous and gut-busting levels by featuring over-the-top fight sequences with said powers. They had the right idea with the Disco Boys and their interactions with the protagonists, but ultimately, I feel the opportunity for laughs was squandered with the somewhat underwhelming fights, especially the one between Mr. Furious and Casanova Frankenstein.

And speaking of him, despite having a cool name, Casanova Frankenstein doesn't really do anything memorable aside from keeping Captain Amazing hostage. I mean, he's got some funny lines of dialogue, but I also wanted to see him do more villainous things with a helping of comedy thrown in. I kind of wish he had fought the Mystery Men at least once before the climax at the mansion to show the viewer how threatening he can be. Instead, we mostly see him acting kooky with other villains. I think they could have made him kooky AND powerful, like with actually threatening powers. It would have been pretty awesome to see the Mystery Men defeat a super-villain despite lacking the advantage of, well, real superpowers.

I give it a 5.5/10. The comedy is the main attraction here, and it mostly delivers. The two hour runtime can feel like overkill, but MM deserves be viewed at least once.

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