Night of the Living Dead


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 35901


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Tony Todd as Ben
Bill Moseley as Johnnie
Patricia Tallman as Barbara
Katie Finneran as Judy Rose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 7 / 10

Remake of something that didn't need to be remade, but it's still alright

George A. Romero turns over his classic horror film to be remade, and it's in the hands of Tom Savini (who did brilliant makeup for Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead). Now, I do have some mixed feelings about this movie. While in some aspects it's well made (er, for a remake), it can not match the original, if only in tone and style. But it also doesn't match up with the original because until the end, most of the movie is a shot for shot remake. More style is added, to be sure, but Savini and Romero (who scripted this one) could've gone farther.

With that said, Night of the Living Dead (1990) was an enjoyable horror flick experience, one where it's a good time with color and gore and all (plus more full frontal zombie nudity) and as long as you don't think too deeply about what you are watching (and certainly don't try to compare the 1968 and 1990 versions together), you'll have fun. B+

Reviewed by Uriah43 6 / 10

A Pretty Good Zombie Movie

This movie is a remake of the 1968 film of the same name. In essence, the dead come back to life and seven people take shelter in a farmhouse somewhere in western Pennsylvania. Once inside the people disagree on their next course of action. One wants to fight them off by fortifying the house and waiting for help to arrive. Another wants to retreat to the basement and hide. Yet another wants to make a run for it. Now, rather than say which person is right, I will refrain so that it won't spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it. I will say, however, that the differences between the original version and this one were rather stark. For instance, the original was filmed in black and white and when it was released shocked the nation. The remake, on the other hand, had some improvements but wasn't nearly as impressive. For example, the original character of "Barbra" (played by Judith O'Dea) was in a state of shock and hysteria which added greatly to the suspense of the film. The new and improved "Barbara" (Patricia Tallman) was sleeker, more capable and less catatonic which added more versatility to the storyline. However, it seemed to lessen the effect. Likewise, the other characters seemed more polished but less effective as well. Now, that is not to say that there was anything wrong with the acting abilities of any of the characters as all of them were adequate. If anything, I thought Patricia Tallman performed quite well in her enhanced role. In short, this was a pretty good zombie movie. But even so, the original version was much more horrific.

Reviewed by jerralagbayani 6 / 10

Like the Original But With a Few Changes

Like Every Remake they usually don't surpass the original, this one hadn't. I don't have much to say but this was like watching Ringu, then The Ring where you realize they're both practically the same. The two things I liked was the ending and Barbara's character change though. 6/10.

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