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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10

For its time--not bad

Something about a bunch of brainless teenagers caught in a museum after closing. One of them is possessed and is purposefully leading her friends to their deaths.

No great shakes to be sure but, for 1986, this was pretty impressive. I saw it in a movie theatre and found the special effects just incredible. Yeah, they look cheesy today but back then were state of the art. Also I found some of the acting good with some nice blood and gore.

So, while I agree it's not a good movie I have a real soft spot for it. And, come on! It's not THAT bad! I give it a 7.

Reviewed by yourmotheratemydog715 8 / 10

A minor 80s cheese classic here, folks.

The mostly 'ho-hum' reviews here have me a little confused. Anybody looking for a cheesy-as-all-get-out 80s horror flick should scoop up THE OUTING without a second thought.

We start with a bunch of white trash people with white trash names like Harley robbing this old lady. She's apparently absurdly rich, but the main thing they find is an ancient lamp (from Irag!). Obviously, the lamp has a genie in it, Harley unwittingly unleashes its angry power, and it kills him and his friends. The lamp is given to a local museum, where its dark powers are re-awakened by a stupid teenager. Add a group of stupid teenager's friends staying the night in the museum for a little bit of foolin' around, and we've got ourselves a great slasher set-up! Not only do we have a handful of great deaths here (we've got snake baths, death by ceiling fan and mummy zombies!), there's also a great deal of 80's absurdity. We've got a high school class that teaches its students about Vlad the Impaler and genies, security guards that sing opera instead of doing anything, and potentially the most d-baggy out of all '80s d-bags (they get in butterfly knife fights and are attempted rapists!).

It's all just fantastic, and is fun from start to finish. The ending is a little head-scratching: the genie makes its first true appearance, finally grants the main character's "wish" she made a few days before, and then presents itself as unstoppable. But there's some Iraqi-speak on the lamp, and after a truly heart-poundingly suspenseful (kidding) scene with a computer translating the characters, it's revealed that the main girl has to (wait for it) destroy the lamp to kill the genie. Isn't that, like, the first thing you would try? Don't think I would've needed a translator to tell me that.

So to wrap up, the whole thing's a lotta fun and I don't see any fan of 80s cheese having a bad time with THE OUTING.

Reviewed by Tikkin 7 / 10

Cheesy genie

There's no denying that The Lamp has its fair share of clichés and silliness but if you're a fan of the genre you can't help but love it. The story behind it is actually quite original and interesting, there's not many films out there about killer genies is there? And of course there's the typical "3 wishes" trap with the moral of be careful what you wish for (the girl at one point wishes her father was dead). The genie effects used at the end are ultra cheesy, but cool at the same time. I love the camera angles from the perspective of the genie as it floats along corridors. The best camera view is one that is apparently from 'inside' the lamp. Obviously they would have done this with a piece of red plastic over the screen, but it's still a cool trick. The deaths are decent, but weren't very gory (at least in the VHS version I watched).

If you're a fan of slasher films, I would add this to your collection. It's unique in its own way and probably one of the only slasher films with a killer genie in it!

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