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Eva Green as Christine
Mark Strong as Felix
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Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

a great...

Little revenge movie this was, part due to slick and slender acting and a plotstory that reached much farther than i thought was possible. Its told in a kind of ''butterfly effect'' manner, alittle motion at the other side of the world, might bring chaos and mayhem somewhere else. Where that will be youll never know, at least the maincaracter of this film never did.

Its a study of a filipino voodoo witch who are on the chase for a revenge,and she travels far and wide to bring hell to the culprit that brought her hell.

How that happens i will not spoil, its well brewed and the taste of revenge smells like a nice barbeque. Brilliant cast( the couple reminded me of the prison director and his wife in the film ''the green mile'') and the cinematography and editing is really well handeled. So a thumb up for shudder this time thinks the grumpy old man.

Reviewed by nizarsalim 9 / 10

A Lot Better than Expected

In Nocebo, everything deserves praise. The story and the themes and ideas it deals with, performances of the cast, soundtrack, direction, screenplay, creepy and tense atmosphere, horror elements, cinematography, and ending all deserve all praise without any exception.

Regarding the flaws, the only flaw that I saw in the movie was some horror scenes which were, from my point of view, unnecessary and a little bit disgusting. Rather than that, everything else was perfect.

I liked Nocebo so much, and I wish that they make more psychological movies which are even deeper in the future. That is why when it comes to score, I gladly give Nocebo 9 out of 10.

Reviewed by lucycpender 9 / 10


Went into this movie feeling quite unsure of how it would go. I have to admit I was drawn to watching it due to it a having Eva Green in its cast.

But I was pleasantly surprised, the film contains stunning visuals as well as a fantastic performance from all cast members. Although it isn't a genre defining film I do think it is an original take on the psychological horror/ thriller genre. I was pleasantly surprised at the representation of Filipino culture and its lack of mocking towards it as films often tend to do these days.

All in all a very good movie and although I feel not properly advertised as I only learned of its release through Eva Greens IG, it is still a film worth watching Well done to all involved.

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