Spy Hard


Action / Comedy

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Nicollette Sheridan as Veronique Ukrinsky 'Agent 3.14'
Marcia Gay Harden as Miss Cheevus
Curtis Armstrong as Pastry Chef
Leslie Nielsen as Dick Steele 'Agent WD-40'
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebeljenn 4 / 10

Funny spy-themed spoof with Weird Al in opening theme

I caught 'Spy Hard' on television the other night, and the film really took me back to the early 1990s. I noticed Weird Al right away from his part singing the theme song. 'Spy Hard's' purpose is to create a comical version of James Bond and similar spy-themed films. Some of the comedy is very funny, but some of it wears thin throughout the film. (You'll either enjoy the sense of humour, or you will hate it.) WD40 is a great name for the secret agent, and Mr. T even makes an appearance. There is also a lot of adult-themed humour. By the end of the film, I was ready for it to be finished. It's funny, but it's not brilliant, but I cannot complain because it did let me laugh. If you like Austin Powers, you will probably like this, even though it is not as popular. It will also take you right back to the early 1990s. Not a perfect film, it does have some good humour.

Reviewed by Mitch-38 4 / 10

Average fare but some good moments

The dopey, deadpan character sculptured by Leslie Nielsen is back in a "James Bond-esque" comedy as agent WD 40. There are more gag misfires in this movie, than a parking lot full of dead batteries. However, he's such a likeable guy, you can make it over the hump.

Unfortunately, with the exit of the mad geniuses (The Zucker Bros. & Jim Abrahms), there's little here in this script to wave the pom-poms about. It's all been done too many times before.

Of honourable mention is a priceless, very quick cameo with Pat Morita, which is an absolute gem. There are other assorted scenarios that came off well, too. See it if you must on a rainy Sunday, but this is pretty old, borrowed and blue.

Reviewed by =G= 5 / 10

A gag a second

From the same mold as the "Naked Gun" series, "Spy Hard" stars everyone's favorite bumbling hero Leslie Nielson as a not-so-secret agent, WD-40, who stumbles his way through another slampooning chaotic comic story. Sniping at everything from "Speed" to "Home Alone" and built around the James Bond flicks, "Spy Hard" features lots of babes and bunches of bit part celebs with nonstop gags and off-the-wall humor. Only for those who are into wacky for the sake of wacky. (C+)

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