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Richard T. Jones as Curtis Sr.
Valarie Pettiford as Mildred 'Momma' King
Jason Weaver as Jay Lewis
Brandee Evans as Sorority Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mitchel-331-787651 7 / 10

Passage into Manhood Well Done

Single parenthood beats the odds in this movie about a 24 year old college student who in his senior year experiences a tumultuous time with his mother becoming seriously ill and the father he barely knew trying to come back into life. What makes this movie work is that it manages to maintain an upbeat swing to it due to the way his mother raised him. He is a very likable, mannerable young man who realizes that it's time for him to get serious about himself and life. As a result, he finds himself falling in love and making strides to become the man his mother desperately wants him to be.

There is enough comic relief to keep you laughing and there are moments that will make you cry.

I thought the actors did a fine job and Brian McKnight was just superb in his role.

I was pleasantly entertained and I think others will be too.

Reviewed by ejobuaya 4 / 10

Could Have Been Better

It was a movie with black actors, so I thought I could relate and enjoy a lovely movie. All the actors could act and were good looking people, but that's where the positive for me ends. I hate when movies with black people have to throw in unnecessary sex scenes. Is it the only way to get people to watch your movies (Writer/Director/Producer)? It spoils the viewing pleasure for me and people like me. It wasn't kept clean, some of us would rather not be subjected to people having sex. Why should we be? Oh yes, the sexual innuendos where unnecessary too and jest made of Christians was distasteful, where was research on the Christian faith done, on TV?

I love doing a Google search of actors and found the main character was in his 30's at the time and his love interest, much younger, but in the movie she was meant to be 2 years older! Also, unbelievable was that the actor who played his father was cast as his father, when he's only a few years older - is that why he shaved, so he could look much younger? It didn't work. Also, in real life the actor who played the son is taller than the actor who played the father, why did the son always look shorter? Was there a point to it?

All in all, a nice round up of good actors saved it from a much lower star rating. Keep it clean and funny (I wasn't laughing, it said comedy) then you should get a higher vote. However, if it's people with minds in the gutter you're catering for they might have loved this regardless. Having said all that, when the main character said, "Make it quick, I have to get home to the wife, it's date night" made me smile in the end.

Reviewed by okoyefaithful 10 / 10

Great Movie | Romance Flick | For the Bros Movie | Not objectifying

This is a great movie with a good dose of romance, comedy and stuff like basketball or manly talk for the bros. I like that it does not objectify women exceedingly like so many Black Hollywood movies do. It did have a number of sexual scenes, but it was easy to fast forward or know at least that it is coming to mentally prepare.

Here's a brief overview: it is about a young boy who thought his senior year will be a breeze but came to face a number of challenges that will eventually make him than break him. During this experience, he will meet the love of his life, who is going through personal things that will threaten to come between them.

Overall, great message. I'm definitely glad I watched it. We need more movies like this.

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